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Published:February 22nd, 2011 13:38 EST

Batty Brits: French Fries Taste Better By The Seaside!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British study released to mark the start of a week celebrating fries said the popular snack tastes better at the seaside.


Oxford University psychologists said they found "ambient sound" affected the experience of eating fries along with the touch, look, smell and taste of the potatoes, The Mirror reported Monday.

`Given the association between fish and chips and the seaside, it`s likely that listening to the sea will make them a gastronomic experience,` Oxford Professor Charles Spence said.


The Brits enjoy their chips (french fries) with fish, it`s not surprising they think that the tasty snack tastes better at the seaside.

England has a well-earned reputation for having rotten cuisine. Brits should eat every meal by the seaside, maybe they can fools themselves into thinking that the food is delicious.

Americans don`t eat french fries with fish, we prefer to eat them with hamburgers. We don`t need to go to the beach to fully appreciate the taste of fries.

Is it any wonder that America is the sole remaining superpower, and England is a second-rate country?

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