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Published:February 22nd, 2011 18:30 EST
snooki slippers

Want To Look Like Snooki? Buy A Pair Of Snooki Slippers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The cast of `Jersey Shore` continues to make money of various products and now Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is cashing in on slippers.

snooki slippers

Snooki is often seen on the reality show running around in slippers and now you can be just like her. Snooki launched Snooki`s Slippers at the MAGIC convention in Las Vegas, states Extra.

The cozy slippers come in all sorts of shapes and designs. You can even check them out on the site for the slippers at"

I have many ambitions and goals, some have come to fruition, others have not. I have never had an ambition to look like Snooki, but for those twisted individuals who desire to look like the pint-size reality star,here`s what you need to do:

*Tease your hair until until it stands 18-inches tall.

*Rub enough fake tan on your face until it`s as orange as a pumpkin.

*Eat junk food every day until you resemble a pumpkin.

*Hit yourself upside your head with a mallet until you`ve lost about 20 IQ points.

*Finally buy a pair of Snooki Slippers, at $29.99 they`re a bargain.

Snooki Slippers aren`t just for indoor wear, the trendy and the skanky have been spotted wearing the slippers to da club and to the health club.

If you want to be mistaken for a wacked out reality starlet, get with the program and order a pair of Snooki Slippers today!

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