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Published:February 23rd, 2011 15:24 EST

Gnarly Dude Claims His Rocking Chair Has Image Of Jesus Christ

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California man said he was planning to throw away his wooden rocking chair until he noticed an image of Jesus Christ in the flaking paint and rotted wood.


Lou Balducci of Mission Viejo sent pictures to KNBC-TV, Los Angeles, of the image he and members of his family believe to resemble Jesus.

He said he has not yet decided what to do with the chair, which he had for more than 10 years before spotting the image."


A devout Catholic would have sent photographs of his rocking chair to the Catholic Church in the hopes that it might be blessed by the pope or at least a bishop.

But Balducci sent the picture of his holy rocking chair to a local TV station, knowing that measure would garner the most publicity.

Balducci, the sly dog, claims that he hasn`t decided what to do with the chair. If you believe that I have a VCR that blinks "Jesus Saves" that I would love to sell your for $10,000.

It`s only a matter of time before Balducci puts up his chair for auction on eBay.

I`m feeling deeply spiritual, I think this apple that I was about to eat has an image of the Virgin Mary. By God, it is the splitting image of the Virgin Mary. The dear Lord has decided to bless me.

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