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Published:February 24th, 2011 13:41 EST
Be on the Lookout For QR Codes in Upcoming Advertising

Be on the Lookout For QR Codes in Upcoming Advertising

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

I`m always on the lookout for the technologies that will change the way that we work, play and learn. This year, with the explosion of smart phones, it seems like one of the big applications is going to be QR codes. Like bar codes that are found on cans and boxes at supermarkets, QR codes consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. They encode text, URLs or other data.

QR codes were originally created by a subsidiary of Toyota in 1994, and they are very popular in Japan. An abbreviation for Quick Response, these images allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.

If you start to look, you`ll notice that these QR codes are showing up in some new places. The days of typing in a website for example on your smart phone are winding down. Recently at a shopping mall with my wife, we saw a poster for a movie. The bottom corner had a QR code, so I pointed my barcode reader at it and up came the website for the movie - directing me to a page to sign up for a contest. I even saw one the other night in a movie theater in a pre-movie slideshow, but the QR code was too small for me to access from my seat. What`s important is that with the advent of smart phones, consumers now are getting used to pointing their phones at a barcode and going directly to websites without typing the URL.

It`s clear that QR codes are going to be popular, and if you`re doing advertising, make sure that you`re using them.

There is a company in Chicago ( that has an interesting application for QR codes. In the days of the Palm phone, we used to use the infrared feature on the phones and beam business card information between users. It was a cool application! If we went to a trade show and found someone with a phone like ours, we could exchange information, but today`s smart phones do not have that application built in.

So this company in Chicago is using a QR code instead. They have created a database that stores my name, phone number, company address, company name, a description, my picture and more into a v-card. They gave me a QR code that takes anyone directly to my v-card on the web " and the user can click a button and add me instantly to their phone`s address book.

I made the QR code into a widget on my smart phone and now anyone with a bar code reader can point at it and instantly acquire my important information. It is a very smooth application that has lots of uses. It`s basically a way of creating a shortcut so that I don`t have to tell someone where to look me up " and they don`t have to write it down. The number of keystrokes is zero and the time spent working on at least this mundane task is reduced to almost nothing.

By the way, my favorite barcode reader is ScanLife. It reads all the major barcodes including QR codes.

Be on the lookout for these applications, because clearly they are on the rise and I believe that they are here to stay.

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