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Published:February 24th, 2011 11:54 EST

Excuses For Being Late To Work: Crazy Cat, Bad Karma, Killer Bees

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Chicago-based Web site said its survey found workers late for their jobs gave excuses including a car infested with bees and problems with karma.

evil said managers questioned in an online survey of 2,482 U.S. employers, conducted Nov. 15 to Dec. 2 of last year, said the most unusual excuses they heard for worker tardiness included a man who said he would be two hours late for work because his car was infested with bees and a woman who said she was late because her karma was out of synch."


These excuses don`t sound that outlandish to me, although I must confess that I hate workaholics who are loathe to miss a day of work.

I once called in sick when I was stung twice by bees, and when I came to work the next day everybody looked at me as if I were a liar or a wimp.

I can sympathize with the woman who claims her karma was out of synch. I`ve called in sick when my karma was out of synch after drinking too many bottles of beer.

One woman who replied to the survey said that she called in sick when she was attacked by her cat. That`s not an outrageous excuse for missing work; when my cat gives me the evil eye I feel like taking a day off.

Workers need to stand together against the Man, and not make fun of a co-worker who calls in sick for seemingly frivolous reasons.

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