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Published:February 24th, 2011 11:00 EST

OMG! Amy Winehouse Takes Up Ballet!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AMY WINEHOUSE is finally putting her smelly stack of ballet pumps to good use - by taking dance classes.

The singer has enrolled with a private instructor and is learning how to pirouette and plié at her London home."


Amy Winehouse is frequently seen staggering out of bars and dives wearing her trademark ratty slippers, but who could have guessed that the troubled singer would take up ballet? That makes as much sense as Oprah Winfrey taking up gymnastics.

Winehouse has the crackhead thin physique of a ballet dancer, but she has the drug-addled coordination of a drunk rhino.

Amy has a gym in her home, and she can practice pirouettes without having people laughing at her.

I hope that girlfriend doesn`t attempt a pirouette while she`s performing, she`s liable to fall off the stage and crack her skull. 

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