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Published:February 25th, 2011 13:17 EST

When Pigs Knuckles Fly!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The police joked he`d caught lunch and the autobody repairman will be glad of the business, but a German driver was shaken up when a frozen pig`s knuckle collided with his car on the high speed autobahn.


The piece of frozen pork flew from a truck and damaged the unnamed man`s car in the Ruhr region of western Germany before he could swerve to avoid it, German police said on Thursday."


If my car was hit by a frozen pig`s knuckle when I was flying down the freeway, I would just chuck it up to the fact that life is basically absurd.

But I`m afraid that a religious person might suffer existential angst wondering why God chucked a frozen pig`s knuckle at his vehicle. The hapless person might attend church more regularly, or he may give up on religion.

I wouldn`t waste any time searching for spiritual or philosophical explanations, I would look for the truck hauling pigs knuckles so I could sue the son of a b****.

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