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Published:February 27th, 2011 10:31 EST
Indian Model of Parliamentary Democracy for Entire Arab World

Indian Model of Parliamentary Democracy for Entire Arab World

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party & Member, National Integration Council who is also Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council has urged the rulers of the Arab countries to understand the message of 21st century and appreciate the urge of the people of their respective nations for democracy, peace and progress.

Prof. Bhim Singh has been associated with the Arab World from Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Egypt and Sudan in North Africa since 1968. He visited these countries on motorcycle during his world travels on peace mission during 1967-1972. He also travelled through other Arab countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Bahrain, Lebanon on motorcycle. He is the only non-official Indian who had close-association with President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Chairman Yasir Arafat of Palestine. He also met President Naser of Egypt in 1968 during his travels and Col. Qadafi of Libya in 1993 when he was invited by the Govt. of Libya. Chairman, Yasir Arafat had nominated Prof. Bhim Singh as a Member on the Advisory Committee to frame Constitution for Palestine. Arafat described Indian Constitution full of democraries.

Prof. Bhim Singh has proposed a Parliamentary Democratic Constitution for all the troubled countries in the Arab World because of mass uprising against the rulers from Libya to Egypt and Yemen to Bahrain. Prof. Bhim Singh in his proposal dispatched to the rulers of different Arab countries has vehemently tried to impress upon them that they should adopt Indian Model of Parliamentary Democracy so that the people are empowered to choose the governments of their choice in reasonable intervals ranging from four to six years. He has reminded Col. Qadafi of Libya about his own green book in which Col. Qadafi had warned the rulers of facing terrible consequences if the rulers did not address the aspirations of the people to end exploitation.

Prof. Bhim Singh has proposed 20 articles suggesting to separate judiciary from executive and executive from legislature. The Prime Minister or President should be elected by a popular franchise for a limited period. He has suggested that every qualified voter should be entitled to contest for any post in the country. Giving a special concession to the Ruling Kings, may it be Morocco, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, the Panthers Party Chairman who is an expert on Constitution has proposed that they may be retained as constitutional head as is the case of Japan, UK, Belgium or Sweden till the people rewrite next Constitution.

The Panthers Party Chief urged the Arab League for its immediate intervention to save the identity of the Arab World and end exploitation by the western powers. The Panthers Party Chief in his concluding remarks appealed the rulers of the Arab countries.

"You are rulers today in your country, your initiative to introduce democracy may retain your existence for tomorrow. If you fail to respect the aspiration of your people today you may not be there to decide their future tomorrow. Without waiting any longer, open your windows and let the fresh breeze enter. Involve legal and political experts from the civil society and political groups if there is any for a smooth, peaceful and non-violent transition. Indian Model of Parliamentary Democracy is the best way out to protect the great civilization and culture of the Arab World"