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Published:February 27th, 2011 10:27 EST
MOSSAD: The Killing Agency

MOSSAD: The Killing Agency

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

MOSSAD: The Killing Agency

Suddenly the revolution is held in under water kingdom,

The people showed their disobedience to colonial Jews State,

This sensitive information comes to Jews State immediately,

The Jews State orders their Intelligence Agency Mossad

To solve the problems immediately.

The Chief of Mossad arrives at Mossad Headquarter urgently,

All of the Mossad officials are presented there,

The Mossad Chief briefed the overall matters,

All officials listened the brief carefully.

Mossad Chief orders the officials to swear these statements,

Say everybody, We are Mossad!

We are Mossad! The most powerful Intelligence of the world,

We are Mossad! We consider other Intelligences as our minor child,

We are Mossad! We do everything for the interest of the Jews,

We are Mossad!  We kill the people for money or interest,

We are Mossad!  We can kill a people like a mosquito,

We are Mossad!  We can kill the leaders of most powerful States easily,

We are Mossad  We hate the Muslims,

Because their last Prophet did not take birth in Jews community,

We are Mossad! We hate the Christians,

Because historically they used the Jews for their interest,

We are Mossad! We hate all other religions,

Because we cannot think any other better than our religion,

We are Mossad!  We always show friendship with others,

But we think everybody as our enemy except Jews,

We are Mossad!  We spread the doctrine Secularism

But in Jews State nothing will be applicable except fundamentalism.


Swearing the above statements, Mossad Chief draws a master-plan,

He appoints the force of beautiful girls to implement the plan,

The beautiful girls who are not only beautiful,

There is something rather than beauty.

The group of beautiful girls goes to under-water kingdom,

Rapidly they meet with Chief Leader of underwater kingdom,

They introduce themselves as the victim of revolution,

The Chief Leader shows his sympathy and curiosity to the beautiful girls.

The Chief Leader allot a room of his house for the beautiful girls,

But there is something which is flying in his mind,

These girls are not only girls, they are like the fairy,

Suddenly the Chief Leader peeps in the room of girls,

He becomes astonished looking the natural beauty of them.

Suddenly the Mossad Girls enter in the room of Chief Leader,

They touch the backbone of Chief Leaders,

The Chief Leader says this feeling is something,

But this something is rather than anything,

The Mossad girls offer the Chief Leader to have a fun,

The Chief Leader is excited and shows his enthusiasm for that.

The Mossad Girls show their physical charisma,

The Chief Leader feels that he is in heaven,

Tactfully the Mossad Girls mix sweet poison with the wine,

The Chief Leader feels something indifferent,

But the Mossad girls continuing the physical charisma,

The Body-Guards of the Chief Leader feels sensation from outside,

They accuse their fate for not having the touch of these fairies.

The Chief Leader of under-water kingdom dies silently,

The Mossad girls be pleased,

Their mission is fully successful,

Then they return in  their Jews State rapidly.

Hearing the overall mission, the Mossad Chief  be pleased,

He loudly say,

We are Mossad! We are the killing Agency,

We are Mossad! The non-declared Master of the world.


Written By

Md Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B(Hons), LL.M


Le poème ci-dessus est une fiction dans la nature et seulement pour l`amusement.