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Published:February 28th, 2011 10:18 EST

Is It Sexist To Call Sarah Palin A Bimbo?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Dear Bobby Reyes,
Your article about Governor Palin is sexist and anti-Semitic.  Using words like "bimbo" do not make an argument - it is nothing but adjectives."
Jonathan Weiss
I publish over a thousand articles online every year, and most of them are syndicated by Google News. My editorials generate hundreds of emails; I don`t have the time or the inclination to respond to most of them. However since this email will be published as a letter to the editor, I decided to respond in a public forum. 
Jonathan Weiss begins his letter by calling me to task for using the adjective bimbo " to describe Sarah Palin. By  using the diminutive of my name, he renders his argument about civility in public discourse meaningless. 
To call a woman who is intellectually-challenged and painfully inexperienced in politics a bimbo isn`t sexist, it`s simply the truth. In fact, to argue that a dumb woman shouldn`t be called bimbo is sexist -- it implies that women are too fragile to handle the truth. Calling a dull woman a "bimbo" is no more sexist than calling a dim-witted man a moron.

Somebody needs to declare that the empress isn`t wearing any clothes, I`m willing to take the flack by stating the obvious: Palin is a bimbo.
I  thank Weiss for advising me not to use too many adjectives, that`s  a rule that every writer worth his salt should follow. 
"Further, As a Jew and also an Israeli American, I am offended by your article about Governor Palin, because Governor Palin is 110% pro-Israel and is a staunch supporter of Israel`s defense.
Obama however, is anti-Israeli and hates Jews.  Therefore, you too are anti-Semitic. Why do you seek the destruction of the State of Israel?

Why are you advocating this administration`s policies which are anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic?"

This tortured reasoning makes my head spin, and it must have given Weiss a headache. Because Obama is supposedly anti-Israel, that doesn`t make me anti-Israel. I voted for Obama because I believe in most of the things he stands for, but that doesn`t necessarily mean I`m in agreement with all aspects of his foreign policy. 
Obama panders to the Muslim community in America and abroad, but his foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel isn`t anti-Semitic.
I am a staunch and unwavering supporter of the state of Israel, as evidenced by the many essays I have written in support of our only ally and only democracy in the Middle East. Don`t take my word for it, Google: Robert Paul Reyes " Israel ". You sir, owe me an apology.
"Finally, it`s nice to see that - in order to get recognized and generate any attention - you need to invoke Governor Palin`s name."

I have been writing online for over a decade and I have a faithful fan base who will read my articles regardless of the title or subject. However, I won`t hesitate to write about controversial persons and subjects that are guaranteed to garner a lot of hits. Thank you Sarah Palin, you are good for something.