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Published:March 1st, 2011 11:25 EST
Panther Party Asks Col. Gadaffi to Hand Over Power to the People

Panther Party Asks Col. Gadaffi to Hand Over Power to the People

By SOP newswire2

Panthers hold silent protest in front of Libyan Embassy in New Delhi

Ask Several activists of National Panthers Party led by its Chairman, Prof. Bhim Singh who is also Member of NIC and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council today staged a silent protest in front of the Libyan Embassy at the capital of India, New Delhi demanding democracy, right to life and liberty and dignity of life for the people of Libya. The Panthers Party also submitted a three-page strongly worded memorandum to the Libyan Leader, Col. Gadaffi urging him to declare Libya a democratic state with elected Congresses on popular franchise in the interest of 6.5 millions people in response to their aspirations and urges which has been assured in the Green Book authored by Col. Gadaffi himself. The copy of the memorandum produced below:-

"I am taking this unique opportunity to reminding you of your great teachings you carried in your the Green Book on the Solution of the Problem of Democracy and Authority of the People, which you presented to me and members of my team during our visit to your great country in 1993. You have yourself admitted. You had predicted yourself in your Green Book, "If an instrument of governing is dictatorial, as in political systems in the world today, the society`s vigilance towards deviation from law will have only one way to gain readjustment. That is violence, which means revolution against the instrument of governing".

You have also preached in your Green Book that, "The experiments of history have produced a new experiment, a final culmination of man`s struggle to attain his freedom and to achieve happiness by satisfying his needs, warding off the exploitation of others, putting an ultimate end to tyranny".
I would like to remind of another quotation of yours where you have vehemently supported the outbreak of revolution to achieve socialism and dignity of life, "It is probable that the outbreak of the revolution to achieve socialism will start with the appropriation by the producers of their share in what they produce. The objective of the workers` strikes will shift from a demand for sharing in the production. All that will, sooner or later, take place under the guidance of The Green Book".

This Green Book speaks volumes about your whole commitment to change the lot of the people particularly that of the Libyans. When you took over power in a what you call revolution there was hardly 10% literacy and population was less than half as compared to this day when you have a population between 6 and 7 millions and rate of literacy is higher than 70%. Almost 90% people in Libya have been reading your sermons and teaching in your Green Book which has vehemently and forcefully argued in favour of violence that may culminate into revolution to end exploitation and tyranny. During my visit in October, 1992 and again in 1996 on your invitation I had strongly pleaded for introduction of democracy which is incorporated with the Libyan nation.

You can imagine that 21st century is a century of Ultimate Revolution everywhere and anywhere in the world where the Arab World stands on priority may it be in North Africa or Middle-East. I am writing this letter to you because of your revolutionary ideas and great commitment to your people. Your ideas as was projected in the Green Book to, "Interpret life as it erupts from the heart of the tormented, the oppressed, the deprived and the grief-stricken. It flows from the ever-developing and conflicting reality in search of whatever is best and most beautiful"
Today the Libyan revolution which you had thought of is at the point of culmination, climax and that shall not retreat under any circumstances as has been projected in your Green Book of, "Launching the social revolution. It presents the genuine interpretation of history, the solution of man`s struggle in life and the unsolved problem of man and woman. Equally it tackles the problem of the minorities and the blacks in order to lay down the sound principles of social life for all mankind".

Today the Libyan people are justified that they are asking for share in power and governance. They have stood by you when they were not fully prepared to share the burden of governance. Today the Libyan people have seen the winds of democracy emerging in their neighbourhood, Egypt. Across the sea the winds of democracy have been flowing from Europe to Benghazi, Tripoli as they were lately felt in your another neighbourhood, Tunisia. During 1966 when I with my team visited Tripoli again in support of the Libyan people against UN sanctions, I had pleaded strongly in a seminar in your presence that Indian parliamentary democracy can be ideal for Libya and other Arab countries particularly Mauritania, Algeria and Tunisia. I had also pleaded that political parties should be allowed to function and there should be a popular franchise so that people at the grass-root could be involved in the governance. You had appreciated my proposition and reacted that your Green Book answered all those issues.

Today the activists of National Panthers Party are staging a peaceful and silent protest in front of the Office of People`s Bureau (Embassy) of Libya, New Delhi with this memorandum and this hope that the Libyan leader may be magnanimous enough to renounce his authority, announce popular elections in Libya to elect the Congress by dissolving all nominated Congresses without any delay. We also hope that guns and bullets may not be used against your own Muslim brethren for whom you have a commitment to look after their welfare. Libya is Al-Jamahiriya (democracy) and a socialist nation. This is a time that in your life-time and under your authority as a leader you transfer power to the popular elected

Representatives of your country so that Libya plays its global role to lead all other Arab nations towards democracy and socialism which you have been preaching all along.

That the people in Libya may not wait for tomorrow and today is in your hands. I am sure you will prove your name and deed, withdraw yourself from the artificial power which you are going to loose any time. Kalunafsin Zaiktul Mout, those who sacrifice for the sake of truth and their people like Buddha, Christ, Hazrat Imam Hussein, Gandhi or Martin Luther King, they never shall die and live forever with their message. I hope and trust that you will go down in the history with your sacrifice for power".