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Published:March 2nd, 2011 12:05 EST

Lady Unfriends Her Man From Facebook: Holy Hell Ensues

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Florida said a fight that landed a couple in jail began as an argument about their status as Facebook friends.


The Hernando County Sheriff`s Office said Thomas Gannon, 35, of Brooksville told deputies he confronted his girlfriend, Tina Cash, 31, after she changed their relationship status on Facebook and `unfriended` him, the St. Petersburg Times reported Tuesday.

Gannon said Cash threw items at him, including his great-grandfather`s framed flag, and struck him in the face with a picture frame."


In the Stone Age a thoughtless woman dumped her man by mailing him a "Dear John" letter, today a cruel lady will ditch her boyfriend via text message or by unfriending him on Facebook.

Gannon was furious and he confronted his girlfriend, and she reacted by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. Both of the lovebirds were arrested for domestic battery.

I don`t think there`s much of a chance that Cash will make Gannon her Facebook friend again.

When your old lady unfriends you, it`s over baby.

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