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Published:March 5th, 2011 21:04 EST
Next Year`s NFL Season Still in Limbo as Talks Continue: The Fans Suffer Not the Players

Next Year`s NFL Season Still in Limbo as Talks Continue: The Fans Suffer Not the Players

By Ron G Anselm

The last couple of decades for the sports fan have been almost like a Soap Opera at times with the drama that takes place between the players and the owners.  It seems out of left field and out of nowhere the players want more money because now suddenly the owners are getting more revenue in and the players feel they should stack on a million or so more to their already enormous paychecks for playing a kids game. I mean, who needs ninety-seven million dollars to be an NFL Quarterback? I won`t mention any player`s names here but to me this is crossing the line for someone to make that much money to play professional sports. 


All NFL Quarterbacks don`t make ninety-seven million but they do make more money than you and I will probably ever see in a lifetime or even ten lifetimes. From the fans point of view; this really makes me mad when players and owners cannot agree on money and it seems every time there is drama in professional sports besides the drama we see with a player getting arrested or coming up positive for illegal drugs, it usually has to do with the players wanting more money and the fans are the ones that suffer.


We pay their paychecks with the high ticket prices and all the memorabilia fans buy just to wear to show off their favorite teams. I know because I used to do the same thing. I had to be wearing my Oakland Raiders hat, jersey, and have as much gear on to watch my team play on Sunday as if I was back on the field playing. 


And if you have ever gone to a game you pay a ton for just the concession stand food. This is in any sport not just the NFL. I once took my son to a Florida Marlins game on a Friday night. The Marlins were playing the San Diego Padres and neither team was playing well enough to be in contention for the playoffs. My son wanted a hot dog and coke so we moseyed up to the concession stand.


I bought two hot dogs and two cokes and it came to over twelve dollars! Come on! I could have gone to Wal-Mart and bought a week`s worth of food for that much money but of course they know you can`t leave the stadium to go eat so they have you. They know if you are hungry enough you will be buying food inside the stadium and will pay that price. 


The point is, yes, I love sports too but for the players that make this kind of money and then because of the drama either threaten to walk out or because they can`t come to a Collective Bargaining agreement in time the next season may be cancelled is a little too much for the fans and is unacceptable. We are the ones paying they high concession stand prices and again the high ticket prices and putting money in that teams pockets.


If anyone remembers the last drama season in the NFL was in 1987. The players went on strike for twenty-four days which reduced the season from sixteen games to fifteen games and the games that were scheduled for the third week of that season were cancelled and weeks four through six were played by replacement players. The replacement players were made up of washed up high school players, college players and anyone that could basically run the forty yard dash somewhere in four to five seconds and hold on to the ball when taking a handoff without fumbling it. Heck, I would have tried out and made it except I was in the military at the time.


That season for the short period of time the replacement players were banging heads on the gridiron, the teams changed their names. They were given mock team names like the "Chicago Spare Bears" the "San Francisco Phoney Niners" the "New Orleans Saint Elsewheres", the "Washington Scabskins" and so on.


That season was not a real season to me and this is one of the examples of the fans paying the price. This year`s drama is about the owners trying to take more money away from the players than what they already take. Hey, here`s a thought, instead of the players and owners duking it out like two children fighting over who gets the front seat of the car when Mommy is taking them to Soccer practice, take that money in limbo and use it to build a homeless shelter for the many people still out of work and that have lost their homes, buy food for the homeless shelter in that particular city the team is in or just use their imagination and put that extra billion dollars to good use.


If you think about it, if these players are making millions and I am tired of hearing Well, they make that much money because they could get hurt on the field and need that extra money just in case " So! I played football amongst other sports too and yes I know you can get hurt, I still feel some of my old injuries I suffered at times when I played as a kid but I still have to work and make a living other than sports. If these guys make millions to play we should be making a ton more money also just for working our normal jobs. Hey, let`s boycott the owners of our company and say We want a larger cut of your gross profit you make, I guess that probably wouldn`t go over to well especially with a ton of people still out of work that could take your job.


So, for the owners and players I say, Figure it out!  Keep next season alive for the fans that love the game and are willing to go to the games and pay the ticket prices and food prices. I am already looking forward to next NFL season, don`t! Disappoint me!