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Published:March 6th, 2011 12:06 EST

Lady Gaga Not Gaga Over Baby Gaga Ice Cream Made From Breast Milk

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lawyers for US pop icon Lady Gaga have threatened legal proceedings against the makers of breast milk ice cream named `Baby Gaga`, according to papers seen by AFP on Saturday.

The New York singer`s lawyers have given the manufacturers until 1600 GMT Wednesday to change the name `if you wish to avoid proceedings for trade mark infringement and passing off`, according to a letter addressed to London restaurant The Icecreamists Limited.


The ice cream has proved a big hit, with the first batch sold out within days of going on sale. It is made with milk expressed by 15 women who replied to an advertisement posted on an online mothers` forum.

But it is now off the menu after Westminster City Council, the local authority, seized the ice cream for health and safety checks.


When I hear all the praise that`s heaped on Lady Gaga as a fashion innovator it makes me want to hurl. If the controversial diva performed on stage wearing a soiled diaper as a hat, and a bra in lieu of panties she would be hailed as a genius by pseudo intellectuals.

"Lady Gaga is making an artistic statement about criticism that a true artist suffers at the hands of philistines. The soiled diapers on her head symbolize the vitriol that`s hurled at her as she makes this a better world with her transcendent music. The bra covering her nether regions represents female empowerment; a true feminist won`t be dictated to by male fashionistas. Soon we will see her monsters, male and female, throwing away their panties, and donning bras to cover their private parts."

What`s even worse is the praise Lady Gaga receives as a music artist,  truly it makes me vomit. Lady Gaga has tremendous vocal prowess, but she has all the originality of a karaoke singer. Lady Gaga is a third-rate Madonna for second-rate music lovers.

Ice cream made from breast milk is nausea-inducing just like Lady Gaga. "Baby Gaga" is the perfect name for this unique ice cream.

Of course "Baby Gaga" ice cream is milking the Lady Gaga controversy for publicity and money. That`s exactly what Lady Gaga is doing, stealing Madonna`s act for fame and money.

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