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Published:March 6th, 2011 11:28 EST

Outrage: Clueless Cops Grill Student Over T-Shirt

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida high school student was questioned by authorities for wearing a T-shirt they found threatening.

The unidentified boy at East Lee County High School in Lehigh Acres wore a T-shirt Wednesday reading, `A friend will help you move, but a real friend will help you move a body,` a Lee County sheriff`s report stated.

School officials searched his belongings and found written in his notebook: `What to write about. Doodles, I`ve been doodling a lot lately. I enjoy it a lot more than I used to. Maybe it`s because I have more boring teachers. I could create something really amazing with them. I just need more." UPI

Every high school student has at least a couple of T-Shirts in his closet with profane or subversive messages. It`s a young person`s way of rebelling against conformity and authority figures.

The unidentified boy`s message was innocuous and non-threatening; only an imbecile would find it troubling.

It boggles the mind that school officials called the cops to have the student investigated. The school administrators found really incriminating evidence in the kid`s locker: A notebook where the boy wrote that he loves to doodle. Surely he`s a terrorist in the making.

I pray that the school officials will never stumble upon my essays online; they would probably report me to the FBI.

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