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Published:March 6th, 2011 12:43 EST

Video: Brave NYC Woman Thwarts Flasher On Subway

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman who refused to be a victim was honored Wednesday night. She stood up against a subway flasher, and made sure he was brought to justice.

It`s the YouTube video that had all of New York City talking - subway rider Nicola Briggs refusing to be victimized by a subway flasher, angrily calling for his arrest.


`I`m not leaving your side, my plans are done for the night, I`m escorting you to the police station,` she said in the video. `Oh yes, oh [expletive] yes!`

Her tough stand back in September was honored Wednesday by the Women`s Democratic Club of New York."

The easy and safe thing to do would have been for Briggs to simply walk away from the flasher. But doing the right thing overrode concerns for her safety, and Briggs stayed by the creep`s side until he was arrested by the cops.

Because of Brigg`s courageous stand, the flasher was arrested, and she may have saved children from being exposed to such a hideous sight.

I hope Brigg`s heroism will inspire people to get involved. If you see a young punk writing graffiti on a building, call the cops! If you see somebody driving recklessly, call the authorities! If you see a young man making lewd comments at high school girls, call the police!

Give a damn! Get involved! Be a hero like Briggs!

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