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Published:March 7th, 2011 09:37 EST

Shocker: One-Legged Thief Fails To Outrun Police

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in New York said a one-legged man was easy to find and arrest after he allegedly stole a smartphone from a woman trying to do him a good turn.

Jamal Enoe, 33, was apprehended Thursday near the scene of the alleged crime, a Brooklyn Laundromat, the New York Daily News reported. An alleged accomplice was also charged." UPI

A successful theft or burglary requires a criminal who can make a quick getaway, and who is able to blend in with the crowd.

Jamal must be missing a leg and a brain; he should realize he doesn`t have what it takes to be a thief. I`m all for a disabled person being all he can be, but there`s no way homeboy can make a quick getaway, and of course he sticks out like a sore thumb.

The one-legged bandit stole Marlene Ramos` cell phone while she was getting change for him. Marlene must have looked at Enoe`s missing leg, and felt pity on him. If she had taken a good luck at his hardened face, she never would have let go of her smartphone.

Hopalong Cassidy was arrested a few feet away from the scene of the crime. An idiot like him wouldn`t have been able to figure out how to operate a smartphone anyway.

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