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Published:March 8th, 2011 17:59 EST

God Bless Pop Tart Amy Winehouse: Diva Donates Clothes To Charity

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse donated £20,000 worth of designer clothes to charity.

The `Rehab` singer - who gave away Alexander McQueen dresses and designs by Luella Bartley - decided to have a mass clear out after moving house and told staff at a North London charity shop she has become addicted to cleaning in her underwear.


A source said: "Amy turned up in a people carrier with loads of stuff in bin liners. Top, top designer gear.

"You`d imagine half of it would be covered in fag burns and smell of wild nights out but it was all in tip-top condition. Amy was joking with the shop girls that she has become addicted to cleaning."

I never thought I`d be saying this, but God bless Amy Winehouse for her generous spirit!

For those of you who aren`t familiar with British slang, "fag" refers to cigarettes. I imagine Amy`s clothes are covered in cigarette burns, and are drenched in bodily fluids. But for once the troubled singer is doing the right thing, and she deserves our praise.

Let`s hope to God Amy didn`t donate any of her ratty ballet slippers to charity, we don`t want a young woman to lose a toe or two to a deadly fungus.

Way to go Amy Winehouse, we look forward to your new album.

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