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Published:March 8th, 2011 19:22 EST

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Tweets Support For Rock Star Charlie Sheen

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hey Neighbor, I think I might have Tigerblood and I`m definitely winning. Huge! Cant` wait to see Sheen`s corner!

Paris Hilton Tweet sent to Charlie Sheen.

When a goofball like Gary Bussey says that he`s praying for Charlie Sheen, and when an airhead like Paris Hilton tweets her support for the troubled actor, Charlie has got to realize that he`s in serious trouble.


Paris isn`t exploiting Charlie`s troubles to get some free publicity, she`s friends with Brooke Mueller, Sheen`s ex.

"Sheen`s corner" is a reference to Sheen`s Internet reality show. Paris must be thrilled that finally there`s a reality show crazier than hers. The socialite must be on her knees praising God that thanks to Sheen, she`s no longer considered the most troubled celeb in Hollywood.

Maybe Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton can hook up... Never mind, that might result in Armageddon.

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