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Published:March 8th, 2011 17:14 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring D.H. DaHitwryter with 'I Get It'

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring D.H. DaHitwryter with 'I Get It'

By SOP newswire2

**Adult Language

Raised in the inner city streets of Baltimore, Maryland native D.H. DaHitwryter" was known for her tough and gritty play on the local area basketball courts. This multi-talented female, born Dionne Halsey, began an on and off affair with music at the early age of 7. Though she was heavily involved with dance, and church activities, free-styling hip-hop lyrics was something that she also loved to do for family and friends, but it was clear that her love for music came second to her dream of being a basketball player. But unfortunately injuries and other ailments caused Dionne to rekindle her love for music.

In 2004 Dionne met with DJ Unreaper, CEO of an independent label called Un World Records. She went on to sign a contract to become an Executive, overseeing the marketing and promoting duties. She also began to emerge as a songwriter, and a recording artist. But with the lack of consistency from the long time artists of Un World, again, troubles arose so Un World Records was then transformed into Un World Entertainment with a focus on becoming a leader in marketing and media.

To date, UWE is still thriving but long time friends Dionne and CEO Jamal Rose parted business tides. With UWE Dionne has established herself as an artist by being featured on several UWE mixtapes, as a journalist writing several articles for Un Worlds online website, a radio co-host making brief appearances on UWE radio/talk show and as an up and coming ambassador, attacking key social and political issues through various online campaigns.

In December of 2007, D.H. partnered up with Kristin Price, CEO of PRICELESS MUSIC, as a songwriter/artist/vocal arranger/background vocalist. Projects include the recently released SUGABROWN ALBUM GOT SUGA? " on which DaHitwryter wrote BEYOND LOVE, " GIVE IT UP, " AND LOSE IT. " D.H. is also featured as a rapper on SICK, " LOSE IT, " AND ALL FOR YOU. " Currently Dionne is working on her first ever solo project which is a mixtape titled "Back Against the World." Stay tuned and be on the look-out for singles dropping from the mixtape soon.

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