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Published:March 9th, 2011 13:50 EST

Wild Chickens Cause Havoc In Phoenix

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials in Phoenix said they lack options for dealing with a flock of about five chickens recently spotted roaming a neighborhood.

Lynelle Nowlin, 63, said he has lobbied Phoenix and Maricopa County officials to get rid of the chickens, which he described as a nuisance, but they said they have no power to deal with the free-ranging fowl, The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday."



A flock of chickens is roaming around a neighborhood, and county officials are too chicken to do anything about it. County officials claim that they are only allowed to take animal control actions against cats and dogs. A county supervisor said that the city has no rules for dealing with wild chickens, Duh, make a new law giving the county the authority to trap wild chickens, and donate them to the poor.

The beleaguered residents shouldn`t wait until the county bureaucracy finally takes action. A citizen should step to the plate, and grab one of those chickens and cook it for dinner.

Animal lovers may cry fowl, but a gazillion chickens are killed every day anyway to meet our insatiable desire for Chicken McNuggets.

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