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Published:March 10th, 2011 10:47 EST
Angelnook Publishing is Looking for Angels

Angelnook Publishing is Looking for Angels

By SOP newswire2

Angelnook Publishing, publishers of divinely inspired art and books, is in the process of compiling an anthology of true angel stories. Currently, we are looking to enhance these stories with images produced by young Christian children, depicting what the word "angel" means to them.

Parents and teachers of children aged five to twelve, are encouraged to ask their kids to create original artwork based on an angelic theme. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the project into their curriculum, if possible, to gather as many submissions as possible. Once submitted, the children`s artwork has a chance of being published in a current or future volume of Angel Digest alongside inspiring stories of true angel encounters!

Angel Digest will give hope and inspiration to thousands of people who have experienced such miraculous encounters, as well as those seeking truth. These stories, though submitted by ordinary people, are truly extraordinary -- and the artwork of a child you know could be a part of that.

Submitting artwork is as simple as scanning in the image and emailing a copy to -- or contacting Paul at 401.932.8888 for other submission options. Once Angelnook Publishing has received the artwork an editing team will review it and alterations may be made in order to account for layout and publishing details.

Contributors will be informed via e-mail if their artwork has been accepted for publication. Those who submit artwork will not be compensated, but will be part of an inspirational and uplifting project. Contributors can remain anonymous if they wish and should inform Anglenook Publishing of such upon submission of the work. Angelnook Publishing reserves the right to reject submissions it deems not appropriate for the digest.

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SOURCE: Christian Newswire