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Published:March 10th, 2011 11:15 EST
One Family`s Story of Molestation, Spiritual Abuse and Alienation

One Family`s Story of Molestation, Spiritual Abuse and Alienation

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Betrayed by the church

It seems that every week, there are reports of new scandals within churches, and in her new book, Darla Melancon speaks out about her family`s experience with corruption and scandal in organized religion.

As the daughter of a pastor, Melancon is no stranger to organized religion and the teachings of the gospel.  However, when her son was sexually molested by another member of the church, her outlook on organized religion was forever changed. She shares her experiences in her book, The Things I Learned After Being Kicked Out of Church.

The pastors did not respond in the way that we believe Jesus wanted them to respond.  They chose to cover up the problem and kick us out of the church ", says Melancon. Thus began our journey in learning to separate Jesus from the church that often misrepresents him. "

The book follows the family on that journey of reexamining who Jesus said He was, verses what the church teaches by word or example.

In the years following that event, we encountered a number of individuals who had also been wounded by churches or religious people, many of whom had given up or blamed God because of things that people had done, " says Melancon.

She wants people to realize that the church was instituted by Jesus, but that does not necessarily mean that it represents him correctly.  According  to Melancon, separation of Jesus and the imperfect people of the church is imperative.

The Things I Learned After Being Kicked Out of Church
By Darla Melancon
ISBN: 978-1-4520-6497-0
160 pages
Published by AuthorHouse

About the Author
Darla Melancon was raised in pastor`s household.  Her earliest memories are that of Jesus` teachings.  She has been married for 30 years, with six children.  She loves being grandmother to her two grandchildren. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, and enjoying nature walks with her family.