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Published:March 10th, 2011 12:22 EST

Prison Guards Find Joint Rolled In Page From Bible

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Guards at a South Carolina jail who smelled marijuana coming from a holding cell found a joint rolled in a page from a Bible, officials said.

A report by jail guards said David Allen Henson, 24, who had been arrested after police allegedly found marijuana in his car, fessed up after all the inmates in the cell were told they would be charged with possession if the offender did not come forward, The Herald of Rock Hill reported"


It doesn`t matter if you consider the Bible the inspired Word of God or just great literature, it`s encouraging that a prisoner owns a Bible. Reading the classics is bound to make anyone a better person.

I hope Henson actually reads the Bible, and isn`t just using its pages to roll joints. Using the Bible just for that purpose is like owning a cell phone and using it only as a paper weight.

Henson is fortunate he didn`t use a page from the Koran to roll a joint, he could have been killed for blasphemy by a Muslim inmate. Not everyone is as mellow as the typical stoner.

In jail you need to be alert at all times, it`s a good thing the guards confiscated his joint.

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