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Published:March 11th, 2011 14:55 EST
The Disappearance of the Honey Bee Worldwide is Bad News for Our Survival

The Disappearance of the Honey Bee Worldwide is Bad News for Our Survival

By Ron G Anselm


One major news event that the media does not and has not covered that has as much importance to know about as any of the past and recent top new stories we have heard about all over the news is the dying off of the Honey Bee.


A lot of people unless you are an Entomologist really do not know the importance of the Honey Bee and what the Honey Bee does to our many ecosystems and nature in general.


The Honey Bee is as important to the survival of our world as oxygen is to humans. Since there is not a lot of media coverage on the Honey Bee and people may not know what the definition is, we need to first look at. The Honey Bee is defined Any of several social bees of the genus Apis that produce honey, especially A. mellifera, widely domesticated as a source of honey and beeswax (, 2011)


People don`t realize how the Honey Bee fits into the survival of Agriculture. Agriculture is how we grow fruits, Vegetables, needed plants, trees, etc, that aid in our planets survival and our survival for food. The Honey Bee accounts for over eighty-percent of all insect pollination. This is crucial to Agriculture because without the Honey Bee and the over Eighth-tenths of what they contribute to the pollination for Agriculture would have a devastating and decline in the production of our fruits and vegetables.


Pollen plays a major role in the growth and production of plants. Pollen is the male germ cells produced by all flowering plants for fertilization and plant embryo formation. The Honeybee uses pollen as a food. Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural foods, consisting of up to 35% protein, 10% sugars, carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A (carotenes), B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinic acid), B5 (panothenic acid), C (ascorbic acid), H (biotin), and R (rutine). (Backyard Bee Keepers Association, 2011)


Honey Bees also play a major role in producing honey. Bees use honey for food all year and there is more than just one type of honey which depends on the source of nectar. The nectar that is collected by bees from flowering plants is how honey is produced by bees. People use honey in a variety and various foods and honey also is very digestible and can help to defend against allergies.


The honeybee produces beeswax which is used to build honey combs. Beeswax is used by humans to produce need drugs, in the production of cosmetics, certain furniture polishes, and candles.


Honey Bees produce propolis. Propolis is a sticky resin that is collected from trees and is used to make sticky glue when it is mixed with wax. Honey Bees use this in the aid of building their nest and use it to repair any cracks in their nest. We use propolis in the manufacture in health aids and certain polishes.


Honey Bees also play a major role in their bee venom which is secreted when the bee stings someone. Some people are allergic to bee stings but more than not the bee sting only produces mild swelling around the affected area. As painful as it is to be stung by a Honey Bee, the practice of this is actually used overseas in the aid of arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even Multiple Sclerosis. The bee`s venom is also used and is currently used in the research to help find a cure for many diseases that we have yet to find a known cure for.


So, how are Honey Bees so important to our survival and the survival of our environment? They play a major role in the survival of our agriculture which plays a role in the production of our food chain. Honey Bees also play a major role in the research and production of medicines to fight diseases among other things like our many ecosystems that play a major role in our environment. We can see how important the extinction is to the Honey Bees and the major effect it would be to our own survival. If Honey Bees were to become completely extinct it would be a domino effect in what would happen to our food chain, our environment and our overall survival.


The mystery remains to what is causing so many Honey Bee`s at alarming rates to die off. Scientists continue to research and look for answers but is there really a scientific answer to this mystery?


With everything that has happened over the past decade, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf Oil Crisis, the Collapse of our economy, etc. this mystery could be tied to anything. A lot of researches are blaming the natural things for this mystery like Colony Collapse Disorder, parasites, bee viruses, fungi, certain plant disorders that cause poor nutrition for Honey Bees.


The question I have is the amount and mass numbers of Honey Bees that are dying off may not be the result of natural elements mentioned above but maybe be the result of a higher power.


If anyone is spiritual then we know what the Bible says about the end of times. Could this be the first stage towards the end of time? We all have heard about the Web Bot project and the many predictions made by it that have either come true or have been close enough to say that that prediction was accurate. We have also heard about the Mayan Calendar and how at the end of 2012 the Mayan Calendar will end.


I`m not one to go around and believe everything I read or hear but I can say no matter how much of a skeptic I am, I am starting to doubt part of my skeptic attitude because of the events I have seen take place lately.


If you read in the Bible about different events that are due to take place towards the end of time you will see how accurate some of the events not just lately but over the past fifty-years that have happened that would make you start to believe that the recent chain of events that have happened and how they tie into some of the past events. One major event the Bible states will be the coming of Jesus and the end of time is when the Jews get their Land back. The Jews as we know if you have read and studied the Bible had been without their land for over twenty-five hundred years. In 1948 the Jews got their land back.


This is just one example of what the Bible says is the events that will take place in the coming of the end of time. There are many, many more events that the Bible says will take place when time ends.


Now, I am not a religious freak or go around believing things unless they are supported by facts but when it comes to the Bible and God I do believe this to be true. Although the Bible does not directly mention the extinction of the Honey Bee to be an event to take place or play a role in the end of time, this mystery does play a major role in our survival for food since the Honey Bee does account for the production of one-third of the food we eat.


Even Albert N. Stien once said, "f the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.  No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." 


So, the extinction of the Honey Bee is tied into what the Bible states as the six signs of the coming of the end of time. I am not saying to go out and start spending your hard earned savings as if this was your last day on earth, I am just stating facts from my research but with everything that has happened lately and what is currently happening in the news, anything is possible. It is a good time for everyone to become a little more spiritual and to develop a relationship with God.


The Honey Bee is really a vital link to life and importantly is one of the keys to our survival. The media really needs to start focusing on stories like the Honey Bee. It is as important as hearing about the same things on the news that we hear about daily.


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