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Published:March 11th, 2011 22:26 EST
The Earthquake off the Coast of Japan Triggers Huge Tsunami: Did Web Bot Already Know?

The Earthquake off the Coast of Japan Triggers Huge Tsunami: Did Web Bot Already Know?

By Ron G Anselm


A strong earthquake that measured 6.4 " 6.6 by the Metrological Agency some say was measured even higher at 8.9 hit off the coast of Miyakojima Island on the southern coast of Japan that triggered a Tsunami and has wreaked havoc all of that region of the world. The earthquake was the fifth strongest since 1900 anywhere in the world and seems to be out of the ordinary if the earthquake really was measured at 8.9 which is mind boggling.


The earthquake which triggered a Tsunami which was predicted to be as high as fifty feet but was more like twenty three feet has halted all flights in and out of Japan, the entire Pacific region and has far has Australia.


Large waves have washed ashore in Hawaii and a far as the west coast of the United States. Evacuations are being ordered from California to Washington as a precautionary measure, very little damage on the west coast has been reported. The entire Pacific region has been put on alert including some areas of South America, Canada, and Alaska.


The Tsunami swept in to the coast of Japan as if it were a large freight train skidding out of control. Boats, cars home were swept away like they were toys. Fires spread all over like the fourth of July and even the nuclear power plant located in the Northeast of Japan was evacuated due to the cooling system malfunctioning and pressure building on the inside of it.


Scientist say that the earthquake was almost eight-thousand times stronger than the earthquake in New Zealand last month that ended up devastating Christchurch, New Zealand.


President Obama has vowed to give assistance to Japan and assistance is already underway. The U.S. Air Force has been flying cooling agents into Japan to help cool the Nuclear power plant and one U.S. Aircraft Carrier is in the region and a second one is on the way to assist as needed.


Does this sound like something out of a science fiction movie? Yes it does. With all the tragic and unexplainable events going on now and have happened in the last few years and continue to happen maybe this has something to do with the predictions by the Web Bot project.


I wrote another article on the Web Bot project which can be viewed online or on the SOP website and the meaning and predictions it and this goes right in line with what Web Bot has predicted already to happen. A short little overview of what the Web Bot project is; software originally made in 1997 to predict stock market trends. The software tracks keywords entered on the Internet through spiders and then tries to interpret the meanings of those keywords. Those meanings Web Bot interpreted started being read has some of the happenings of world events and started basically predicting future events.


Some of the past events that Web Bot predicted were the blackout in the Northeast in 2003, the BP Oil Spill, the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that went along with it, and the hunting accident that Dick Cheney had as-well as other events that have taken place.


Of course the software for Web Bot that predicts future events is not perfect. Some of the misses by Web Bot were a massive earthquake in Vancouver, Canada and the Pacific Northwest was predicted to happen in 2008, the U.S. dollar was predicted to collapse, Israel was predicted to bomb Iran, some sort of a buildup of tension was supposed to of happened in July of 2010 but nothing happened, in October of 2010, Web Bot predicted and warned of the stock market crashing and or some sort of financial issue to happen. As we know this prediction was late or if the prediction was supposed to mean the collapse of the U.S. Economy it was accurate but a little late since the collapse started to happen around 2007.


In any case, with the predictions that have either come close by Web Bot and the future predictions; one being some sort of major catastrophe to happen in 2012 and we all know that the Mayan Calendar is predicted to end in 2012, maybe the Web Bot project should rank up there by the media as one of the top reportable events and should be consistently kept up with for updates.


Web Bot continues to work overtime as these world events keep rolling in like waves on a beach. So, the question is; did Web Bot have anything to do with predicting the major earthquake and Tsunami in Japan? Not directly but it could have been predicted in past predictions as if you had to read between the lines to see the prediction or maybe it will be predicted in the future and be a little late being predicted but accurately predicted like Web Bot has done in the past.