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Published:March 13th, 2011 12:23 EST

Marijuana Discovered In Sewer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nogales public works employees found two bales of marijuana clogging up a sewer line Wednesday, and hauled the pot out of a manhole on Hudgins Street, about 30 feet from Morley Avenue, police said.


The bales, totaling 39 pounds of wet, feces-covered pot, were tied with about 900 feet of rope and found in a line that feeds into the International Outflow Interceptor (IOI) from the Heroes neighborhood in Nogales, Sonora. A search of the Rio Rico sewer plant, where the IOI ends, didn`t turn up any more drugs, an NPD spokesman said." Read More

I feel sorry for any stoner who read this article, he`s probably hurling his munchies...

If a dealer tells you, "I have the best sh** in town", I wouldn`t buy any weed from him.

Some folks don`t seem to realize that the FDA doesn`t inspect marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. A consumer is taking a legal and a health risk when he purchases controlled substances. The cocaine that you are snorting up your nose may have at one time been in a balloon in a smuggler`s stomach. The heroin you are shooting up may be diluted with dangerous chemicals. The joint you are smoking, that smells kind of funny, may have been smuggled in a sewer.

The FDA should inspect marijuana, in a perfect world the magic herb would be legal and consumers would buy it in a pharmacy, and not from a dude who also sells DVD`s of movies that have just been released in theatres.

I`m not advocating that anybody break the law, but if you are determined to smoke weed: Grow your own, dude!

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