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Published:March 13th, 2011 12:07 EST
Two Poems: A Message and a Warning

Two Poems: A Message and a Warning

By Ed Roberts

Here are two poems, a before and after if you will. These have a message many should pay close attention to, especially those in Hollywood who I honestly do not need to name.


The Bottom


Have you ever lied

To someone you loved

Swore to them on your very life

That you were clean

Praying that they couldn`t tell

That you had a bottle of pills

In your coat pocket


Have you ever

Picked up a needle off the ground

And jabbed it into your arm

Not caring where it had been

Not knowing who had used it last

The only thing that mattered

Is that there was 3 CC`s

Of something left inside

That might get you high


Have you ever puked your guts out

Because you`ve downed two bottles

Of dollar mouth wash

And prayed the buzz would kick in

Before you had to down anymore


Have you ever left your child

Your baby

Alone in a car seat

While you went inside the bar

To get your next drink

Not even stopping to pay attention

That it was 100 degrees outside


Have you ever offered your body

To someone who the very sight of

Made you want to vomit

Simply because you knew

They had a little bag

Of what you needed most


Have you ever woke up

Naked and alone

Laying in a pool of vomit and piss

And the only thing you could think of

Was where you were going to make

Your next score


You think you have hit bottom

You think things could not possibly get worse


Believe me

They can


Get help






The Phoenix Diane





A wasted life ended

With a 22 caliber shot to the head

Just in case

The slashes on the wrists

Don`t end this worthless life

Soon enough


A heap of drug filled

Alcohol soaked flesh

Left to rot away

In a pool of ever-growing crimson

A life worth less now

Than when it first began


Flashing lights

Hands upon hands

Reaching out



Working with broken flesh

Pulling it back together

More blood they scream

More blood they give


Blackness comes






Light not at the end of the tunnel

But from within



Unequaled love from a stranger


I am new once more


With Meaning


Not yet fully understood


Not at all deserved

But nonetheless given

To me


Student of life

Teacher to those who will listen

Friend to those in need

All of these now

I have become


A new life given

This time

Shall not be wasted


A new beginning


Beyond comprehension


A woman

Yet a child

In so many ways

With innocence regained



No life is without purpose or meaning.

Each in its own way is priceless



Both of these poems tell the life story of real people, they lived and survived them.

We lose too many people because of the side effects of fame and fortune.

Those who do survive carry far too many scars


(The poems are taken from Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope which is available on