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Published:March 15th, 2011 13:46 EST

Born This Way: Site Where Gays And Lesbians Can Post Childhood Pics

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It started with a photograph. A little boy stands beaming in his plaid jumpsuit, hands on his hips and knee cocked just so.

`This is a gay kid,` thought Los Angeles-based DJ "Paul V.," as he looked at the happy, smiling face.


And with that, Born This Way was, well, born.

`My first thought was, `Wouldn`t it be great if there was photographic evidence of gay kids that would show that being gay is something innate and it`s not a choice and that these things come out in us as children?` ` he says.


I didn`t decide to become a heterosexual, my sexual orientation is something as innate and natural as my love for writing. I still remember my first crush, a 5th grader named Bonnie with a penchant for wearing huge bows on top of her curly blond hair. To this day when I see a woman wearing a bow, I have an irresistible urge to hook up with her.

It`s foolish to believe that being gay is a choice, why would anybody choose to be a member of a minority that`s despised by many? A person who argues that homosexuality is a choice is displaying his ignorance and bigotry.

Paul V solicited childhood pics from his gay friends, and they can be seen on his Web site:

A Web site where gays and lesbians submit photographs of themselves as young children is a wonderful idea. Folks who have a problem with this concept need counseling, there`s nothing wrong with children realizing they are gay.

Children come in every hue of the rainbow, and in every sexual orientation. Let`s make this a better world for children, by doing away with homophobia.

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