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Published:March 15th, 2011 15:20 EST

Nightmare: Charlie Sheen Moves Two Doors Down From Paris Hilton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rehab is over at Sober Valley Lodge. Charlie Sheen is moving out of his Mulholland Drive mansion.

A source tells, There`s a lot of memories in Charlie`s current home, some good, some bad, so the new residence will give Charlie a chance to start afresh. "

Sometimes, when life gets crazy, you just have to leave it all behind and make a big move "right down the street. Sheen is moving within the same neighborhood, two doors down from Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller`s new best friend."

Charlie Sheen did the right thing moving out of his Mulholland Drive mansion, unfortunately he moved right down the street. The Tiger Blood actor needs to move to Siberia where he can`t call an escort service and request a couple of whores (excuse me, goddesses). The troubled thespian needs to move someplace where a drug courier can`t deliver a suitcase full of cocaine. Sheen needs to move in with Osama for a few months until he overcomes his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Sheen is certifiably bonkers, nobody in his right mind would would seek to get away from craziness by moving two doors down from Paris Hilton.That`s like a dude trying to overcome his addiction to gambling by moving to Las Vegas.

I feel sorry for anybody who lives on the same block as Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton, they won`t enjoy a minute of peace. With paparazzi helicopters flying over Hilton`s mansion and a parade of hookers going in and out of Sheen`s mansion, that neighborhood will resemble New Orleans during carnaval.

If Sheen moves in with Paris Hilton, don`t be surprised if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse gallop down that ill-fated neighborhood.

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