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Published:March 16th, 2011 10:58 EST

Obama And Family Vacation In Rio While World Goes To Hell

By Robert Paul Reyes


The price of gas is going through the roof, Gaddafi is massacring the rebels, Saudi troops are in Bahrain, Iran is saber rattling over the Saudi`s meddling,  Japan is facing a crisis of Biblical proportions...

obamaWhat is the the response of the cool and detached Leader of the Free World? Obama, with his family in tow, left today to take in the sights in Rio de Janeiro. The First Family plans on climbing Corcovado mountain where the Christ the Redeemer statue stands.

Ostensibly it`s an official five-day trip to Latin America, but it leaves the impression that Obama is fleeing the intractable problems facing American and the world.

Who wouldn`t want to ogle the Brazilian hotties instead of dealing with the devastation in Japan or the upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa?

Obama is exceedingly lucky that he doesn`t face any formidable Republican candidate in 2012.  The best that the GOP can offer is the morally-challenged Newt Gingrich and the intellectually-challenged Sarah Palin. If it weren`t for the ridiculously weak opposition Obama would be destined to be a one-term president.

Times like these don`t call for a cool and detached president, we need a fiery and passionate leader.

Have fun in Rio Obama!

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