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Published:March 17th, 2011 16:36 EST
SXSW`s FLATSTOCK 29 Has Some Fantastic Poster Art, Like James Flames and Ghost-Town!

SXSW`s FLATSTOCK 29 Has Some Fantastic Poster Art, Like James Flames and Ghost-Town!

By John G. Kays

If you can get half a chance, you ought to pay a visit to FLATSTOCK 29, a rock poster show that is a very groovy and free feature of South by Southwest (SXSW). FLATSTOCK has been going strong since 2002 and is put on by the AMERICAN POSTER INSTITUTE (API). I go every year, if not several times over, and love to ogle the posters for favorites, that best capture my sensibilities in Art or Rock.

ghost town peter cardoso

My visit to FLATSTOCK yesterday, was preceded by a little research on the SXSW link for the annual poster show. While I appreciate all of the work of the other artists, I zeroed in on two particular artists, that most appealed to me (art is subjective). I live at the Railyard Condos, so it was merely a short jaunt for me to make it over to the Convention Center, and begin to enjoy all the wonderful eye-candy.

ghost town

I found Peter Cardoso with Ghost-Town first and conducted a brief interview with him. I`m looking at my notes and I see that Ghost-Town has been around for 12 years. Peter Cardoso is the sole proprietor of this poster business and he stays busy producing posters for bands, does album covers, and even creates installations for art galleries. Peter resides and operates in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, He`s a visitor to Austin, so go by his booth and check out his marvelous art.

james flames with posters

The poster that attracted me to Ghost-Town was a 2010 work, Guided by Voices, which is a bust of Ludwig Beethoven, but his face is toned with yellow and red. I`ve always believed that Ludwig fits in with the Rock Movement. Just listen to the Fifth, Ludwig could have been a member of Cream or even Mountain! Peter catches Beethoven`s sympathies with Modern Rock, somehow? Can`t entirely fathom the secrets of an artist.

james flames at dawning

A second artist`s booth I paid a visit to was James Flames. James fairs from Ashville, North Carolina; I don`t know much about him, but I do know he does fantastic art! The first work that caught my eye was At Dawning. A strange silhouette emerges out of some orange clouds and eyes a black key, which can open his heart or soul (I interpret). James did the poster for a Yeasayer concert last April in Ashville, North Carolina.

The use of color and shape is impressive; the bright orange and blue against the black shadow man is abstract, yet a poignant expression appropriate to the job at hand for a Yeasayer concert. This is a collectible in my book! I pulled out my book on Aubrey Beardsley this morning, one of my favorite artists, because I`m seeing shards of Beardsley in James Flames, and maybe a touch of Peter Max, which is okay with me.

Please be sure to go to these artists web pages and take a gander at their splendid work. I will link their pages for you below. And if you are in Austin now, go by and visit their booths at FLATSTOCK 29. It`s free! You might consider purchasing their art too; poster art is very collectible and the value may go up a great deal, over time. If Peter Cardoso and James Flames become famous, who knows, their stuff could be worth millions in the years to come!

James Flames-Posters and Illustrations

Ghost-Town Design