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Published:March 17th, 2011 19:07 EST
What Happened to The Sea Turtles in Palm Beach County?

What Happened to The Sea Turtles in Palm Beach County?

By SOP newswire2

Loggerhead, leatherback, green and other sea turtles all rely on Florida beaches as safe havens to lay their eggs each year.

But breakwater development could become a serious problem for sea turtles in Florida that are already struggling to survive.

Each year thousands of sea turtles journey to Palm Beach County, making it the second largest sea turtle nesting area in the United States Singer Island is an important high-density nesting beach for sea turtles, including loggerheads, green and leatherbacks.

The Singer Island Breakwaters project was intended to prevent further erosion on the north end of the island. But studies show that if constructed, the project could slow erosion only slightly, not stop it. And furthermore, it would cause erosion and other problems for beaches and residents to its south.

The new structures put in place could severely injure female loggerheads when they attempt to get to shore, prevent leatherbacks from nesting altogether and disorient tiny hatchling turtles as they attempt to swim away from the beaches " all of which could drastically impact these imperiled animals.

What makes this project worse is that the level of environmental review  is totally insufficient considering the significant impacts it will have on the coastal environment and marine wildlife. For a project of such large magnitude, full environmental reviews must be conducted before moving forward.

In a time when the State of Florida is struggling with a major budget deficit, why should we be spending $50 million on a project that has had such little study and that will cause so much harm?

And if this terrible project is approved, it will also set up a domino effect with 4 proposed similar projects, armoring our coasts and paving the way for further trouble for sea turtles and other marine wildlife.

The bottom line is simple. Sea turtles and other marine wildlife are in big trouble and need your help.

Please take action now and urge the Palm Beach County Commissioners to protect our Florida wildlife and sensitive coastal environment.

For the wild ones,

Elizabeth Fleming with a Panther Kitten

Elizabeth Fleming
Florida Representative
Defenders of Wildlife