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Published:March 18th, 2011 11:07 EST
A Poem With An Urgent Message

A Poem With An Urgent Message

By Ed Roberts

Words to those who serve


I speak tonight

Not to the leaders of the world

For you only posses the power

That is bestowed upon you

By those who choose to serve your cause

Without them

You are no different than me

Or them


I speak tonight

To the soldiers

Those who hold the weapons

Those who have taken sacred oaths

To protect and serve

Those who each and every day

Stand at the ready

To put all they own

Including their very lives

At risk


In the next few days

Even the next few hours

You will be given orders

Orders by men who you have been trained

To blindly obey

Without question


All I ask of you

Is a simple moment

Take a good look down the barrel

Of the weapon that you hold

And look upon those

That you have been ordered to fire upon


Ask yourself

Are these people your enemy

A threat to you

And your children

Are they so much different

Than your brothers and sisters

Are they so much different

From you


Think carefully before you choose

To open fire

For in the end

Your hands will be covered in blood

Be sure this is the blood of the guilty

Not the innocent

Be sure your cause is just

And your loyalty deserved

And not merely bought

And paid for

By a few who would sacrifice all

To maintain their power

For in the end

Rest assured

They will not hesitate

In the future

To sacrifice


As well


Ed Roberts 3/17/11