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Published:March 18th, 2011 12:43 EST

Charlie Sheen, Sarah Palin Or Obama For Prez? Vote For The Winning Dude!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to a new poll, independent voters say they favor Sheen over Sarah Palin by a 41/36 margin.

And it`s not just independents who are supporting the tiger-blooded warlock. Democrats would support him by a 44-24 margin for president over Palin and Republicans would support him 37-28 over Obama.


The conclusion from Public Policy People may not have any respect for Sheen but they still think he`d be a better alternative than their opposing party`s leading figure."

Warlock Charlie Sheen would make a terrific president, let`s hope sanity will prevail and he will make a run in 2012.

The average red-blooded American male would rather have a First Goddess than a First Lady. Michelle Obama is a nice and attractive lady, but she can`t compete with Charlie`s goddesses.

With a certifiably bonkers president`s twitchy finger near the red button, buffoonish dictators would be terrified of messing with the USA. The only drawback is that if Charlie is tweaking, he may inadvertently start World World III.

Sheen`s inaugural address would be a hoot, no nonsense about geopolitics, climate control or budgets. Sheen`s speeches would be replete with references to tiger blood, hoochies, Adonis DNA and winning!

The troubled actor wouldn`t do any photo ops with boring foreign dignitaries! Sheen`s photo ops would be with adult movie stars and winsome escorts.

Sheen might even find a place for Sarah Palin in his cabinet, as long as Todd stayed in Alaska with the kids.

We know what Sheen`s slogan would be: Winning!

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