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Published:March 19th, 2011 13:14 EST

Breaking News: Canada Joins Libya No-Fly Zone

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Canada backs the idea of taking swift military action in Libya but it would need two days to prepare its military aircraft for an operation, a government spokesman said during international talks in Paris.


"While Canada supports quick action, Canadian fighter jets have just reached the region and will require two days to prepare for any mission," a spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Reuters by email." Read more

This isn`t exactly a monumental development, Canada is sending only six CF-18 fighter jets to help enforce the no-fly zone over Libya. But Canada`s token action is appreciated -- it sends the message to Gaddafi that the entire world is against him. This isn`t a unilateral action by the United States, the Arab League and most of the nations in the world support the military action against Libya.

I hope that America and Canada remember that the no-fly zone is an air interdiction action, and not a ground troop commitment. The last thing we need is for American troops to be bogged down in another Muslim country.

Let`s hope for the best possible outcome: Libya`s dictator Gaddafi will be targeted and killed by coalition jet planes, and no American soldier will set foot in Libya.

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