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Published:March 20th, 2011 11:20 EST

Paraplegic From Hell Banned From Health Club

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A paraplegic with a penchant for busting people who illegally park in spots for the handicapped has had his Michigan gym membership revoked, officials said.

James McGarry`s membership at Hurley Health and Fitness Center in Flint was revoked following a confrontation between McGarry and another man who parked in a handicapped parking space, the Flint Journal reported Saturday."



McGarry should lose his penchant for confronting folks who illegally park in handicapped spaces if he doesn`t control his temper he might end up a quadriplegic.

I don`t discriminate, anybody who intentionally blocks my car (disabled or not) is cruising for a bruising.

McGarry either has a chip on his shoulder about being disabled or he is on steroids. The hot-tempered dude shouldn`t take the law into his own hands; he should leave law enforcement in the hands of the authorities.

McGarry said I was just sticking up for the rights of the entire disabled community." Yeah right! McGarry was just trying to prove that he`s a tough guy.

The health club did the right thing revoking his membership; McGarry doesn`t belong in a social setting. If McGarry stays home and lifts weights in his basement, he won`t have to worry about an able-bodied person taking his handicapped space.

A couple of days later McGarry angrily confronted another driver parking illegally in a handicapped spot at his new gym. McGarry should be banned from every gym in Michigan; he is a menace to society.

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