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Published:March 21st, 2011 11:31 EST
Real World Economics - How do you get the crooks out?

Real World Economics - How do you get the crooks out?

By SOP newswire2

In 1765 it was the King of England who was robbing the country blind. Today it is the same game, but different players.

Two rapidly expanding scourges of modern living are diabetes and property taxes. Learn how a corrupt system of property taxation can destroy an entire nation. Learn how contaminated cow`s milk can produce tens of miillions of cases of diabetes. Action is required to put an end to diabetes and property taxes. Property taxes are the most destructive taxes ever devised. Because of this special exemptions always have been provided to religious groups, farms, businesses, etc. Home owners and and specially targeted businesses have always been hit the hardest. The big difference between property taxes and slavery is that property taxes have caused far more economic damage than slavery ever caused. As one property tax assessor remarked "We are going to drive those suckers out of their homes and straight into the nearest rental apartment!" Even worse, they have no limits on the amount collected or the annual rate of increase. In todays environment of unlimited corruption, they are a major source of damage to the economy.

Most people have only one income. Federal, state income and property taxes all come out of the same income. It is not possible for Federal, state income and property taxes each to consume the entire income of a victim. State income and property taxes cause an estimated 18 percent drop in Federal tax revenues and are one major cause of the Federal deficit; in addition to the uncontrolled squandering of tax revenues.

How do you survive? What in fact happens is that some persons adapt to a hostile environment much better than others, resulting in elimination of the worst misfits. Unfortunately elimination does not apply to mutants such as mongoloid idiots or parasites. Even as one group of parasites is in the process of self-destructing, new groups are being formed.

Parasitic rule by government and corporate management is more common today than ever before. The results are more devastating than ever before too. Breaking free of parasitic management is essential to survival. The problem is not identifying the weeds. The problem is getting rid of them. Property taxes are an excellent starting point for any anti-corruption movement. The correct solution to the diabetes problem is, of course, to permanently ban the sale and importation of cow`s milk and dairy products anywhere in the United States. Are alternatives to human milk a good idea? No. See

The predatory nature of property taxes has persisted for thousands of years. In essence the taxing authority takes whatever it wants from whoever they feel like taking it from. Elimination will be one small step forward for mankind. A permanent phase-out beginning in 2015 starts by setting maximum allowable taxation at 100 percent of its present level. In 2016 the maximum becomes 90 percent. In 2024 the maximum becomes 10 percent. In 2025 the maximum becomes zero percent, and the authority is permanently closed. Violation of the maximum collectable amounts is punishable by five years in prison and a $10,000,000 fine for each count.

There is one important note. Populations that keep making one fatal error after another do not evolve into a population that is fatal error tolerant. They evolve into extinction.

How do you get the crooks out? Most are never removed from office. Stalin died of old age. Saddam almost died of old age. Even a hard core communist like Nixon had no trouble getting re-elected. Just as anti-biotics were developed to take care of microbes, public awareness of the incredible amount of damage being caused by diabetes and property taxes (trillions of dollars each year) would serve as a stimulus to take action against the problem.

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