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Published:March 21st, 2011 21:17 EST
US Soldiers Hit A New Low:  Shock and Awe or Just Despicable?

US Soldiers Hit A New Low: Shock and Awe or Just Despicable?

By Ron G Anselm


A German Newspaper by the name of Der Spiegel published very disturbing photographs of five U.S. Army soldiers posing with a dead Afghanistan civilian. On Monday, Der Spiegel the German newspaper published photos of soldier`s posing in various positions with a dead Afghanistan man. One photo even showed one of the soldiers holding the corpse by the hair as if he just picked-off a deer and was proud of his prize. The soldier was even smiling in the photograph.


This is extremely disturbing and should in no way portray a bad image for the United States Army. I can witness having served in the Army that this is in no way normal behavior for solders to act. I served with many cracked soldiers I was proud to have served with and would serve with those same guys again. I would trust them to cover my back in combat as I covered theirs. Most soldiers in the army are of extremely high caliber and standards, motivated, and are serving for the love of country. These five soldiers that committed this horrific crime against the Afghan people are in no way of any caliber but scum bags.


We have all heard the saying; there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. This is the perfect example of that with a twist. The twist being these five soldiers didn`t just get into a normal nightly bar fight; they murdered innocent people. This really turns my stomach to think about.


The Army said in a statement, "The court-martial proceedings speak for themselves. The photos appear in stark contrast to the discipline, professionalism, and respect that have characterized our soldier`s performance during nearly ten years of sustained operations." (Fox News, 2011)


Two of the five accused soldiers are from the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2ND Infantry Division posed separately next to the Afghan corpse of Gul Mudin. He was one of the people killed by these soldiers of that unit while on patrol on the 15th of January, 2010. Did these morons think that it is O.k. to just shoot and kill innocent people while we are at war in their country? Unbelievable! These couple of photos are among hundreds of photos that are currently being used in the case against these soldiers.


One of the other soldiers, Specialist (SPEC) Jeremy M. Morlock from Wasilla, Alaska which was seen in more than one of the disturbing photos has already pleaded guilty in the case and is currently awaiting sentencing which is scheduled to come on Wednesday.


These soldiers tried to cover up the killings when they committed them by making it look like the Afghan civilians tried to attack them. The guys have been watching too many NCIS episodes. When Gul Mudin was killed who was one of the Afghan civilians, Mudin was walking towards the soldiers when Morlock threw a 40mm Hand Grenade to give the impression they were under attack.


One of the other soldiers Private First Class (PFC) Andres H. Holmes from Boise, Idaho, supposedly and reportedly shot at Mudin hitting and killing him after the grenade exploded. Other soldiers also began firing and hit two other Afghan civilians who were also hit by the soldier`s rounds and killed.


The German newspaper, Der Spiegel reported that the attorney for Holmes claims Holmes was acting under orders and was unaware of the alleged set-up which involves others soldiers as-well.


The Army went on to say, "That for now it cannot comment on the photos. And the soldiers are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Army also enforced its comment of adherence to the law of war and the humane and respectful treatment of combatants, noncombatants and the dead." (Fox News, 2011)


All I can say is if these guys are proven guilty they deserve what they get. It is pitiful that there are these types of bad apples in the bunch and are or were a part of a highly honored and respected organization like the United States Army. These guys if convicted should have fun for many years breaking big rocks into little rocks in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Unbelievable!









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