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Published:March 24th, 2011 11:16 EST
Panthers Party`s 28th Foundation Anniversary Procession Includes Elephants, Camels and Horses

Panthers Party`s 28th Foundation Anniversary Procession Includes Elephants, Camels and Horses

By SOP newswire2

After 28 years the people of J&K witnessed massive colourful procession of the Panthers Party activists led by an elephant, camels and 28 horses in the historic streets of the city of temples, Jammu. In 1983 the first procession of the Panthers Party on its 1st Anniversary was also decorated by elephants, camels and horses. Syed Rafiq Shah, MLC and President of Young Panthers in his traditional pagri identified with the great Dogra-Pahari people was riding the elephant followed by two camels under the command of Haji Ghulam-u-ddin and Sardar Daljit Singh.

The caravan of 28 horses was led by the three legislators, Harsh Dev Singh, Balwant Singh Mankotia and Yashpaul Kundal. Two hours long procession where 60 years ago the people of Jammu used to witness colourful royal processions on special occasions and ceremonies. The people of Jammu rejoiced the majestic procession of the Panthers Party which has become a household favourite word today, specially among the youth who are identified with the voice of Panthers Party all over Jammu and Kashmir. Two hours long procession from the Dogra Chowk through the historic Raghunath Bazar, Purani Mandi, identified with the seat of Dogra Rajputs, Jain Bazar, Pacca Danga and finally in the Parade Ground.

Prof. Bhim Singh, the founder of the Panthers Party himself riding Bhim Rath with a microphone in hand was seen in his youthful days by the new generations. The Panthers Chief in his commanding appeal urged the people of Jammu to unite for their Ultimate Freedom from the tyrants and killers of democracy so that the youth will get justice and peace shall return which has fallen a casualty to authoritarian rulers. Prof. Bhim Singh ignoring all kinds of protocol was seen and heard in the same style the younger people must have heard him during his student days from 1959 to 1984.

The most powerful resolutions were moved and passed for setting up an International University in Mubarak Mandi, the ruler seat of the Dogra rulers, providing equitable relief to the Jammu Migrants as per directions of the Supreme Court of India, providing 50% reservations to the children of the farmers and ex-servicemen who have been serving the motherland at home and on the borders, ending domestic violence against women, granting all civil & citizenship rights to the refugees from Pakistan (1947) and other refugees of 1965, 1971 and the rest, asking USA and its NATO allies to end barbaric aggression against Libya and vacate Iraq, Saudia, Benghazi and other areas in the Arab world in the interest of international peace and justice while asking Gaddafi, the ruler of Libya to hand over power to the people without any delay in his own interest and in the interest of people of Libya, asking for establishment a sovereign State of Palestine without any delay, urged UN for its intervention to ensure that Pakistan withdraws its forces from all occupied areas of J&K including Gilgit and Baltistan as per UN Resolution dated 13th August, 1948 and the rest.

The most important and alarming resolution was carried with unprecedented support of thousands of the audience comprising Panthers Party activists which was moved by Prof. Bhim Singh, the Supremo of the Panthers Party himself demanding Reorganization of J&K without any delay so that the people of Kashmir province as well as Jammu Province may live with full security and honour. It demanded separate Assemblies, separate Budgets, separate Public Service Commissions, separate Delimitation Commissions, separate Recruitments for each province which shall have separate Chief Ministers as well.

The Panthers Party Supremo gave a call to all the students and youth groups and organizations to take over the control of Mubarak Mandi so that the killers of Dogra cultures would  not be allowed to sell the Dogra seat of culture and history at Mubarak Mandi. The Panthers Party Supremo reminded the people that Mrs. Gandhi had asked the Panthers Party Chief in 1984 to not to provide legal or political shelter to National Conference leaders whom Mrs. Gandhi had found as security threat.

Prof. Bhim Singh charged National Conference as a national security threat and accused the Congress for providing political shelter to National Conference against the advice of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the greatest leader  of India in the 20th century.