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Published:March 24th, 2011 13:28 EST

Pop Tart Lady Gaga: Rebecca Black's Friday Is Genius! Amen!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"No less an arbiter of all things cool, outré and, let`s be honest, totally wacky, has come to the defense of the 13-year-old auto-tune aficionado, addressing the Rebecca Black phenomenon (and her phenomenal public backlash) while chatting to the tech geeks at a "Google Goes Gaga" Q&A session.


So what did Gaga have to say about this young girl`s, um, talent?

`I think it`s fantastic,` she said. "I say Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone that`s telling her she`s cheesy is full of s-t."

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I don`t consider someone with a penchant for wearing outrageous outfits the arbiter of good taste or genius, but Lady Gaga may be right.

Rebecca Black, 13, is too young to be a genius in anything but how to apply make-up. But the creative minds behind Rebecca`s video "Friday" are pure genius.

"Friday" is a masterpiece, on par with other great works of art like the Mona Lisa and Citizen Kane. To fully appreciate a campy TV show or movie, like the "Brady Bunch", smoking a doobie is a necessity. But you don`t need marijuana or LSD to enjoy "Friday."

"Friday" transports you to a parallel universe where the most pressing problem is: Should I kick it in the front seat or the back seat? It`s a magical world where you can dance, and fling your arms like you are trying to catch invisible bugs. See the girl in the pink dress. I won`t include a link to the video, most of us have memorized the video. It`s a random paradise where cause and effect have no meaning. A 40-something black rapper suddenly appears out of the blue in a city populated almost exclusively by 13-year-old white boys and girls. Rebecca may have swallowed an auto-tune, but she sounds like a heavenly robot. I`ve never had so much fun learning the days of the week. "Friday" is playing in an internal loop in my mind, and I`m OK with it. I feel like waiting at a bus stop in the hopes that a car will drive by and a group of may friends will invite me to hop aboard. Oh for the pleasure of deciding if I want to kick it in the front or back of the car. I am under the spell of "Friday" and I don`t feel compelled to structure my essay in a linear or coherent manner. We so high. We so high. "Friday" is one of the seminal works of the 21st century. Fun, fun, fun that`s the mantra for the YouTube generation. Lady Gaga you are right, "Friday" is genius.

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