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Published:March 25th, 2011 23:33 EST
Poem: Four Small, Red Bricks

Poem: Four Small, Red Bricks

By Dawn Huffaker

When I was a wee one,
About four years old or so,
My folks had a beautiful garden
On the south side of our rock house.
Everything grew tall and strong -
From white Dinner Plate Dahlias to
Sweet, yellow NK-199 corn.
I was mesmerized by it all!

One day, I asked my father
If I could plant my own garden.
He said that it was okay with him.
So, on the outside of the garden fence,
Four small, red bricks outlined
My very first vegetable garden.
I planted one carrot seed,
And one radish seed.

With love and water, they soon sprouted.
Each day, my mom would set me by my garden,
And I would look after them.
From nothing to something, they became,
And I was excited to see the green tops.
I asked her, "When will they be ready?"
She told me that I would have to decide.
What a decision!  It was tricky, too!

For while I could see the leafy tops,
I did not know how big the roots had become.
When I decided that it was time,
I pulled them both.
I was proud of my first crop,
Even though from adults eyes,
My carrot was forked,
And my radish was pithy!

Gardening is still in my blood.
I am happiest when I see new, spring shoots
Peeking out from the sleepy, winter ground,
And I know that the world is coming alive.

2011 © Dawn L. Huffaker
All rights reserved.