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Published:March 26th, 2011 11:43 EST
pop tart

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Records Duet With Tony Bennett

By Robert Paul Reyes

Amy Winehouse hasn`t released an album since 2006`s "Back To Black." Amy isn`t a renaissance artist, she does one thing, and one thing only, extremely well: She sings like an angel. It`s unfortunate that the controversial diva doesn`t release albums on a consistent basis.

pop tart

However that doesn`t mean that the the British superstar hasn`t been in the news the last few years. The troubled singer`s stormy personal life makes her a fixture in the UK tabloids.

The British crooner`s fans are tired of reading about Amy`s battles with booze and drugs, we want to read that she`s finally going to release her new album.

But until her new CD is released we will have to make do with an Amy Winehouse/Tony Bennett song that will be included in Bennett`s Duets II album to be released this September.

Girlfriend, don`t tease your fans! Finish your record!

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