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Published:March 28th, 2011 15:12 EST
An Eager Student, an Eternal Optimist, and a Relentless Seeker:  Sheila Swift is a True Revelation

An Eager Student, an Eternal Optimist, and a Relentless Seeker: Sheila Swift is a True Revelation

By Tom Ski

Sheila Swift is a person who can automatically claim courage as one of her many, many amazing attributes.  A benign brain tumor discovered at the age of twelve is something that no one wants to even think about, let alone be the person who has to face something like that head-on.  But at that very young age, Sheila Swift showed that with strength and determination you can overpower the negativity in life and come out on top of the world.

Her love of music began at the age of five, and returned full force in her early twenties.  When this stellar artist first dove " into the music scene, she found her niche in the Christian music world, releasing her first independent self-titled album in 2000.  The album absolutely shone; the lyrics she created spoke to her listeners and drove home the fact that this young woman was an all-out talent that the world not only needed to hear "but needed, period.  Amazing reviews flowed out of the industry with phrases describing Sheila and her music that included sincere faith, " a natural talent with feeling-laden lead vocals; " and, it`s as if she`s singing to the Lord and we`re just eavesdropping. "  You can`t get better recommendations than those, and Sheila looked as if she was going to literally take over the CCM world.

As with all of the learners " and creative people in the universe, Sheila also had the immense knowledge and know-how to create a back-up plan; which is drilled into our brains by parents who are worried that our notions of the big-time " won`t work out and we`ll be left battling to find our place in life.  Turning toward the safer " route, Sheila found herself at Houston Baptist University where she majored in both Art and English.  She also took up oil painting, which she still does today, and found that her creative abilities rested not only in song, but also art of all different kinds,  She began to think that music, per say, was behind her "that she`d moved in another direction.  She began questioning herself on whether or not - with this much of a vacation " from the music world - she could still call herself a singer/songwriter.  In some ways, she felt as if music was in another life.   Getting a bit down on herself, " as if somehow Sheila had traded her dreams for the safe " route, she briefly thought that there would be no way to get back to writing the lyrics that`d given her so much power and so many positive reviews.  But that courage that ran through every fiber of her body - not to mention the intervention of fate - turned Sheila back to the path that was her original destiny.

In 2005, on a fantastically beautiful Easter weekend, Sheila became the wife of Michael Hurst and life, once again, began to change.  With the love of her life found, not only did he become her guitar player and partner in music, where they created words and sounds that would bring listeners to their doorstep, but they also created twin Girls  - Marley and Dylan. 

No longer defined by one specific role " in life, Sheila threw every facet of herself into motherhood, being a wife, singer, songwriter, painter, photographer, artist and, to help all of these abilities along, philosopher.  Many will argue that doing all of these jobs " at once  - let alone doing them well - is virtually impossible, but Sheila possesses the absolute mindset to be everything "quite successfully.  Creativity, love, heart and soul all come from the same place within this woman, allowing Sheila to express and give these gifts to her family, as well as her body of listeners that will soon begin to grow and grow when they hear the power of her voice. 

On paper, canvas, and song, Sheila`s voice " enlightens, teaches, and inspires.  Her subconscious is her greatest collaborator and the amount of energy that bursts from within her very soul brings lyrics to life.  Social consciousness and social healing can begin with just one song.  Through Sheila`s optimistic look at life and the world around her - which, as all readers know, is one of the rarest things to find on the face of the earth - encourages everyone who listens to her songs or revels in her paintings.  Optimism is as hard to find as another Hope Diamond.  Between the newspapers, television, and horrific things that are being done human against human and country against country, have been pulling the shroud of melancholy over everyone for decades, to the point where some are giving up on ever having a single shred of light brighten their cold, dark world.

That`s where Sheila Swift comes into play.  She inspires.  In fact, she has that wow factor " that a great deal of performers lack nowadays.  You won`t see her doing something ridiculous in magazines to get publicity, all Sheila will give to you is the amazing gift of song; and, if you listen to one, you`ll automatically want to listen to another.  She makes things "dreams (not to sound hokey) seem absolutely possible, and that kind of uplifting music is what the soul needs in order to survive.  Like another magician, Sara McLachlan, whose lyrics and voice actually take the listener into a world that they don`t want to leave anytime soon, Sheila Swift offers a utopia while at the same time voicing a call for action for others to focus on the positive things and optimistic side of life.

Her second album, released in 2007, was called The Shape of Things.  This amazing rock/pop collection of songs garnered Sheila Swift the Rockwired  Female Artist of the Year Award.  Her songs were, once again, bathed in optimism.  In her own words, Sheila talks about positivity:  I sometimes dwell in it and other times I simply allude to that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. "  She creates songs that inspire, and sees life as mainly awe-inspiring, whether it be through her own children`s eyes, or the delicate verse that defines a song. 

To conclude - with everything Sheila Swift believes and how immense her talents are - I can only offer her the title of being an all-out revelation. "  Don`t believe me?  Head to the artist`s website and check out the music video; listen to and read the lyrics that are printed there.  Her poignant words and powerful voice make you feel as if you`re immersed in a bestselling novel, or watching an Oscar award-winning movie.  Sheila Swift will soon become the "Hope Diamond` in an otherwise mundane life.