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Published:March 28th, 2011 20:07 EST
Christians, Muslims and Jews: Join Together Now Before It is Too Late!

Christians, Muslims and Jews: Join Together Now Before It is Too Late!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Barnaba`s Bible, copies of which are to be found in Le Louvre Museum and in Vatican, states: "When Jesus was wondering in Ethiopia, he said to the people."  The savior after me will be named "Ahmad" This was clear indication that Mohammad would be the next prophet.

It was the Christian priests who recognized first, Mohammad, when he was a young boy, that he would be the next prophet; from the description they had of him.

Anyone who reads The Holy Koran soon realizes that it is a book sent by God. The knowledge in it cannot possibly be written by the unalphabet Mohammad, nor by one of the four witnesses, who wrote down the paragraphs of the Koran, as angel Gabriel whispered the paragraphs to Prophet Mohammad and he read them. The Holy Koran and how God delivered it to Prophet Mohammad is a miracle in itself, indisputable, if one reads the Holy Koran.

Koran states that, it was God who sent the Old and the New Testaments.  For a Muslim it is impossible not to believe that the Old and the New Testaments are the books of God.

Koran states: "As a Muslim, your first duty is to protect the books we have sent before The Koran, as much as you have them in your hand."

Koran also states: "All the religions of God are of equal value, on the face of the earth. In the other world, the only religion is Islam (meaning the religion of peace, as "slm" in Arabic is "peace", Islam, "the religion of "peace", Muslim is a person who believes in "peace").

Koran forbids all kinds of terrorism and says "The best "jihad" is the one done by education.

Throughout history, mankind has fought wars, mostly for economic reasons, often using their ignorance and differences in their religions, as an excuse. In modern times, wars are being fought to drive the share prices of the weapon industries and have control of oil rich regions, in addition to the ignorance about the God`s religions. Conflicts and wars have been fought not only among the believers of God`s various religions, but also among the different groups within the same religion.

The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Koran all preach the same values such as :
"Belief in one God, in God`s angels, in God`s prophets;  Belief in peace, justice and love, in
humility, self control, in respect for truth, knowledge, beauty;  and not to murder, not to lie, not to steal, not to commit adultery; to pray to God for his benevolence and to forgive our sins; to love one`s neighbor as one loves himself..."

Where are the differences? Differences are in the minds, not in the books. The Psalms, The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Koran and the Mormon`s book are the different volumes of the same encyclopedia sent by God. Even the Buddhists mean God, when they say "Nirvana".

Religions have been exploited by the rulers, profiteers, throughout the history, and ignorance is at the base of this exploitation. An educated person does not hate the other religions of God, if he knows his own religion. The Holy Koran says "All those who believe in God are brethren." The Holy Bible says, "Those who believe in God by their heart are brethren."

In the Orthodox Bible, Jesus says: "Do not pray to me, but pray to the Father!" By father he means the almighty God.  If he believed he was the God himself, he would say, "Pray to me!"

Jesus had the God`s spirit in him; he was the God`s word on earth and God`s prophet.

Koran says: "Talk to the Christians and the Jews. Tell them your God is also our God, as God is One. Propose to them to build an Abraham`s Nation altogether. If they accept, they
will be doing the best and the most beautiful."

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If one studies The Holy Bible and The Koran and all the books of God, one finds every reason to join hands and pray to God altogether, instead of fighting and making wars.