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Published:March 28th, 2011 21:03 EST
Syria Joins the Ranks of Using Violence Against its Protestors

Syria Joins the Ranks of Using Violence Against its Protestors

By Ron G Anselm


The protest wave in the Arab world has spread to Syria and so has the violence against the innocent protestors. The Syrian military opened fire killing innocent protestors in the southern part of Syria on Friday. It seems lately in the Arab world instead of trying to handle the protestor situation that has plague many countries in the Middle East like a swarm of locust with a resolve attitude these governments the protestors are trying to oust out of power in hopes for a better country and a better life think the way to handle the situation is to use brute and deadly force against their own people.


In countries like Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, we have seen how the military in those countries either receive orders from their government to use deadly force or there is extremely miscommunication down the ranks and now Syria has decided to follow the norm and use the same deadly force these other countries have used against their own people.


Maybe we are seeing the true identity of some of these leaders the people are trying to get out of power and now we are seeing that the protestors are right. This is not the first time the President of Syria, Hafez al-Assad has used deadly force against his own people. In 1982, the Assad family used deadly force against protestors in the city of Hama in Northern Syria. At that time, they massacred about ten-thousand innocent protestors.


Before the killings of protestors happened on Friday, some human rights groups said that since the protests began seven days ago in southern Syria that thirty-eight people have been killed by Syrian Government forces this does not include the number also killed on Friday which adds to the total number killed since the protests began.


The media states that is was hard to get more details on the killings because the Syrian Government has sealed off any contact from reporters and has yet to let the foreign news media into the country.


The Syrian Government contradicted itself before the killings. The day before the recent bloodshed, the government announced that it was going to improve political freedoms and easy up on restraint, then the next day Pow! More innocent protestors gunned down by the Syrian military.


Maybe the president of Syria, Hafez al-Assad should put on boxing gloves and go rounds with each protestor one on one. This way instead of getting blown away because you try to voice your opinion about something you should have the freedom to do you can walk away with just a black eye.


The Syrian military has been shooting at protestors like ducks at a carnival all around the country since the protests have began not just in southern Syria. And it seems it is pissing off the protestors even more. The protestors recently tore down a large photo about the size of a billboard of their president. Can you blame them?


In the city of Sanamayn which is in the northern Syria; people there posted videos on YouTube of what looked like a combat zone in that area. The video showed many bodies lying on stretchers that either had been shot or suffered mortal wounds. And reports say at least fifteen more people were killed in that city but the number could not be confirmed.


One of the mysteries about all this killing of protestors in Syria by government forces and is very conflicting information to what we are seeing and hearing from the media coming out of Syria is on Thursday a longtime minister and one of the advisors to President Assad by the name of Bouthaina Shaaban had said that there was no order given by the Syrian government to shoot to kill " protestors. She even apologized for the recent killings of the innocent protestors. If this is the case, the government better fix the miscommunication coming down the chain of command and fix it in a hurry because it sounds rather fishy to me.


In a different light, reports also say that Ms. Shaaban said that the Syrian government is considering lifting the state of emergency that has been in place for many decades. If this is true and the Syrian government does lift the state of emergency it would free up more political freedoms for the people of Syria. 


Ms. Shaaban also went on to say, President Assad doesn`t want the bloodshed at all, and I witnessed his directives on not using live bullets whatever the circumstances as he is keen on every citizen, " (Slackman, M, 2011)


She also stated, this doesn`t mean that there are no mistakes or practices which were not unsatisfactory and not up to the required level, " (Slackman, M. 2011) Yea, no kidding! Looks like the Syrian military needs more time at the rifle range to cure their itchy trigger finger problem! Again, twenty-four hours after Ms. Shaaban made these statements the Syrian military was at it again picking off and shooting protestors. 


The funny thing is, for the last few months we have seen and heard about the security forces of Iran, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and not Syria use lethal force against its protestors. Is this like the normal thing to do in the Middle East? To use strong arm tactics and intimidation tactics against anyone that may voice their opinion against their government? Wow, I am surely glad to be an American and am proud to say I served my country and would do it again in a heartbeat a billion times over! There is no country greater than the good Ol` US of A!


The main reason for these protests in Syria is due to the Emergency Law that has been in place since 1963 and has welcomed unfair tactics by the Syrian government against its people. One unfair tactic is it has given the Syrian government sort of a license to put anyone in jail with little to no pretext. Can you blame the Syrian people for protesting?


The Syrian government has also sent conflicting statements about the killing of the protestors. At one point, the Syrian government stated that the killing was done by criminals that had come across the border from Jordan. The Syrian government also did not air or show any killings on state television and acted as if the killings never occurred. Sounds like a cover up to me.


In one of my last articles I said that I did not want our military to get involved in a police action or military operations in Libya. Well, it looks like we did and are kicking some behind there with just our air power and Navy. I am hoping we don`t get involved in Syria. If we do, then I can say that we are probably going to be at war with the entire Middle East. We need to let NATO handle this problem and any future problems that may or should I say will occur in more Middle-Eastern countries in the future.






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