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Published:March 28th, 2011 23:24 EST
The Ice is on Fire!

The Ice is on Fire!

By Tom Ski

In a clubhouse, hidden in the garage of a residence numbered 402, five young men started on their path to stardom.

Iced Out Click first began in this small, unknown garage with the numbers `402` spray-painted across the top. The 402 Boys - that`s how they were known in their small community - the name paying homage to the 504 Boyz, a hip hop group led by Percy Miller (a.k.a. Master P), whose group`s name was a reference to their town`s area code.

In that garage at 402, Alfred Robertson (Shawty Ace); Bernard Robertson (Young Bige); Lorenzo Keys (Zorilla); Stuart Ballard (Studieo); and, Stephen Scott (Da-Menace), came together day after day to develop their pure passion for music. With a great deal of time, energy, and desire to be the best, the 402 Boys began putting lyrics to their music and creating some of the most amazing songs that the world was about to hear.

Their first live performance came in the form of a talent show competition in the Summer of 2002. Between that time and the Fall of 2003, when they appeared in their next talent show, these five talented young men had donned the name Iced Out Click and brought home the win. Placing first in that competition not only offered more exposure to their band, but the success also led to an invitation for Iced Out Click (IOC) to open for Mike Jones in Bastrop, Louisiana.

It came as no surprise to IOC that a fan base was slowly growing for the five young men who offered the type of heart and soul, mixed with unforgettable lyrics and music, that listeners remembered long after the stage had gone dark.

Icee World Vol. 1 was their next big task. This underground CD was released in October 2003 and included a fantastic song called South is the Best, " honoring their background by putting the South " in the spotlight. This was a sheer hit for the band and they released a companion DVD video in the Summer of 2004.

The Iced Out Click`s train was gathering steam, as the group dove back in and followed up their hit CD with Icee World Vol. 2, garnering an immense amount of attention, especially in the regions of Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana. The buzz " was traveling through these two states, as their target audience - their base of fans and followers - began to talk up IOC to everyone they knew. Requests began to pour in. From headlining parties to opening for bands, Iced Out Click was making it crystal-clear that they were in for the long haul - and the amount of work and talent between them was truly out of this world. Dropping a single, On Da Grind, " which also included an original DVD video, IOC began to hone their producing skills to add to their already outstanding number of abilities They wrote all their own beats and lyrics, so that the music that was coming forth was 100% their own creation.

Inventing these unforgettable beats, another CD was soon on its way to their fans in 2005 entitled, The Cold Front. " The first two singles that were unleashed on the fans created more and more buzz. Ooh " and Stomp in Ground " immediately got the attention of many in the music-lovers community; and companies, as well as other artists, began to banter the name Iced Out Click when it came to gathering performers whose talent was unstoppable.

Giving performances in front of such companies as the K-9 Entertainment Group as well as BET at a party in Monroe, LA., IOC suddenly became known as the band that brought the house down. " A better recommendation was unheard of, and the reviews and talk on the streets were hailing IOC as the new band to watch. " And once the ball was rolling, Iced Out Click never stopped. From audiences all across Arkansas and Louisiana, to a performance at the Monroe, LA Civic Center which included more than 1,500 fans, IOC has been raising the bar and slamming home runs left and right with their amazing talent.

Hitting the radio waves was just around the corner for IOC and, sure enough, they made their first live appearance on 100.1 BEAT where their hit single Ooh " was broadcast to the masses. The debut was so well-received that IOC was quickly given even more air-play, and headed into a live performance in Bastrop, LA at the New Ratchet Ville. Event after event after event was added to their performance calendar and each and every time IOC gave the performance of their lives as they engaged the fans, and showed pure love for the career they`ve chosen and the lyrics and music that come from their collective soul. Opening for performer after performer in venues scattered all across Arkansas and Louisiana, IOC opened for a number of major artists in Little Rock, AR, at Power92 Juneteenth Annual Concert," where over 20,000 fans were on tap to witness yet another incredible IOC performance.

Because of the tireless effort, work, and talent these five soon-to-be stars own, the IOC performances are now being aired on Public Broadcasting Stations throughout Texas, Georgia, Florida, and - of course - their beloved fan base in Arkansas; while Arkansas independent radio stations are playing IOC hits for all their die-hard fans

The expansion from Arkansas and Louisiana into the Lone Star State is a definite step in the right direction, as their hit single My Denzel " currently rides the radio waves in Dallas. Not to mention, IOC`s latest mixtape, Freon Flow, was recently released by their independent label SO THOWED ENT. In other words "the hits keep right on coming.

Whether IOC builds their name " one state at a time or not, this incredibly talented group which have become a true family, will soon be taking over America.

**Biggest and latest IOC news? Iced Out Click has been nominated for the AAUMs (Arkansas Urban Music Awards) as Hip Hop Artist of the Year. The AAUM awards those "that exhibit artistic excellence in their craft in the genres of alternative rock, hip-hop, R&B and pop, " and Iced Out Click definitely deserves the recognition!

You can also follow @IcedOutClick on Twitter.