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Published:March 29th, 2011 16:52 EST

The First Step in Attaining Wisdom is Letting Go! Robert Wilson`s Path to Personal Growth

By Tom Ski

Robert Wilson is the owner and operator of Cowboy Wisdom, NLP Coaching.  Among many of the programs, books, and products this incredible man offers to the masses are CD recordings that use professional hypnosis techniques. Robert`s techniques delve a bit deeper, however, than the mainstream hypno-therapists.  With his amazing skill, he allows the listener to sit back, relax, and find a way to get rid of all the stress and hassles of their daily life, thus opening themselves up to a new paradigm.

This writer was lucky enough to be able to download, listen, and relax (which, as we all know, is virtually impossible in this day and age), and immerse myself in these fantastic recordings that "banish the bad and bring on the good."  A true reinvention of one "s faith, hope, trust, and energy.

Robert`s theory, which is a proven theory, is that all people - with a little time and attention - can release their daily dramas and traumatizing situations.  The dramas that people have are a hindrance, making us walk through life as if we don`t exist.  With Robert "s words, we can absolutely change our mindset; we can alter our lives by expanding our wisdom, therefore allowing all of us to "create" the life we really want instead of what the world gives us to lead.

In this first recording entitled Letting Go, Robert`s deep, soothing voice enters the ear and travels straight to the brain.  Robert`s rich, relaxing tone allows the tension to leave our bodies.  Talking to our conscious minds, he leads us slowly into a serene setting.  There, a cascading stream is set in a beautiful mountain valley.  In this magic utopia there is no stress; even the elk and deer are sleeping in the bright, warm sunshine and the only sound that`s audible is that slowly running stream - a babbling " brook where the water flows over the pristine rocks, becoming a place of pure and utter serenity.

When one lets go of all the ridiculousness that society, the government, schools, corporations, and other humans have put on top of us - that weight that is constantly on our shoulders thrusting us further and further into the ground - only then can we let our subconscious come to life and allow Robert`s words to take hold.

Relieving each chakra, letting us relax slowly from head to toe, Robert works his way into our subconscious by allowing each and every cell that we own experience freedom;  Letting Go of the job, the television, the news, the stories - the constant barrage of negativity that seems to surround us wherever we go.  In some ways it feels as if we are a prisoner in this world; a slave to the dark and mean.  With Robert, we can take down our walls and let our creativity and strength shine. 

As Robert continues to repeat the words we need to hear, and professes his powerful ideas he, in essence, gives us permission " to go to a place we never thought possible "Robert becomes our guide.  He offers us a way to find the energy that we have lying dormant inside, and the power to trust in ourselves and communicate with others.  When we explore this world, we find the Divine Love inside our own hearts and minds that is just sitting there waiting to be tapped into - but we`ve forgotten about it along the way as we`ve tried desperately to pay the bills, keep the job, take care of the kids, and so on, and so on, and so on. 

He introduces us to our own inner "Grizzly Bear," who goes through this beautiful wooded area and makes us come to understand the strength and power that we already possess to live life our own way and on our own terms.  In many ways, this CD is an Emancipation for the rest of us.  We honestly find a way to let go of the human emotions that are weighing us down and offers us the Divine Right to live our lives the way we`ve never lived them before, proving to us once and for all that there is NO way that the Divine Right can be taken away from us.  All we need to do is grab on, expand our minds, and understand the wisdom that we already possess to be more accepting of others as well as ourselves.

Letting Go is pure and unhindered energy.  Not only do you listen to this recording and feel refreshed, but you can honestly SEE your heartfelt desires materialize right before your eyes; and, perhaps more importantly, a way to achieve every single one of them.  You`re the narrator, creator, and liver of your own life!  And Robert Wilson has the power to make each and every one of us understand that.

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching is a fantastic company but, more to the point, a map " of sorts that will allow all listeners, readers, and participants a way to live their lives by bringing back that vim and vigor that we possessed when we were children - still untainted by the world.  The most important and amazing thing that Robert Wilson teaches us is something we should already know:  When you quit learning, you`re done.  Talk about Coaching based on Common Sense, which is certainly something that many people - especially the ones in power - no longer understand.  Common Sense is a mantra that all of us should be aware of in our lives, and Letting Go is the way to begin to get back what we`ve somehow lost along the way.

You can instantly download and enjoy this and other recordings created by Robert Wilson using professional hypnosis techniques at  Not only will you be helping yourself, but a portion of the purchase price of all sales is donated to worthwhile causes; including $1.77 to Spreading Joy, a nonprofit organization, and $2.00 which is donated to people in need of financial help.

Find Robert Wilson today.  From this writer`s point of view, it will be the best gift you could possibly give to yourself.