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Published:March 30th, 2011 13:07 EST

Outrage: Florida Mayor Wants To Ban Pudding Wrestling At Bikefest

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The mayor of Leesburg, Fla., say there`s no room for Jell-O or pudding wrestling matches in his town.

"Some city officials expressed a desire to ban the messy grappling events after hearing Bikefest vendors intended to sell alcohol at matches during the annual motorcyclists gathering, but the City Council took no action at its meeting Monday night, WFTV-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported."



Let`s get real, Bikefest isn`t going to attract Southern Baptists looking for good clean family fun. None of the bikers or other rowdy folks who actually attend Bikefest are going to complain about pudding wrestling matches features buxom hotties.

Mud or pudding wrestling may be dirty in a literal sense, but not in a figurative sense. It`s good clean wholesome entertainment for bikers and their families.

Let bikers be bikers! Motorcyclists have a god-given right to enjoy pudding wrestling matches, it`s part of their rich culture.

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