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Published:March 30th, 2011 08:46 EST
The Next Bob Dylan?  Introducing The Sheer Poetry of Bingham Willoughby

The Next Bob Dylan? Introducing The Sheer Poetry of Bingham Willoughby

By Tom Ski

In order to begin an article on this amazing singer/songwriter who hails from Canada, a writer must introduce the subject of `Bing` and explain, right off the bat, that this man is a true rock-poet. When Bing opens his mouth, the words are thought-provoking, intuitive, and, at times, almost seductive. It reminds one of Shakespeare or Keats taking pen to parchment and writing words that readers will never forget. The music and the lyrics that come from the creative mind of Bingham Willoughby and flow through his lips, become more than just songs - they actually make the listener stop and think and head into another world where peace, conversation, adventure, and introspection come into play.

Bingham`s debut release from Hurry Up Comfort Records is entitled, Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow. It is an almost difficult task to review Bing`s music because - as with his incredibly deep lyrics - a writer must make sure to use the correct adjectives that offer a full picture of this amazing performer. From rock to acoustic performances, Bing took his own journey, and literally laid himself bare for his audience. While listening to the many different songs that Bing provides, it`s as if you`re the priest in the confessional as Bing tells you his secrets with raw emotion, while still offering a wry humor to keep his audience engaged on all levels.

This is where the word master comes into play. There are many performers in the music industry who can do one thing very very well and their fans expect that one ability. Bing delivers his talent on many, many different levels, developing and performing songs from deep inside Bing`s soul to his listeners. From Bing, fans never quite know what to expect from song to song because each is highly intelligent, yet offers a variety of messages to his listeners. In fact, the songs that come from Bing`s album are almost like the listeners are watching a movie on the big screen, with all the special effects that speed up their heart rates while they wait for the climax that they know is headed their way.

Bingham is his own director of his album. He begins his journey deep inside his mind and then dons many different hats that enable him to produce, engineer, arrange and play all the instruments heard on the album - a solo project to its very core. This evolution is pure magic when you listen to the album; you can almost feel every drop of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as the laughter and contemplation that comes from Bing, with no one else`s vision intruding. Like DaVinci with brush in hand, Bingham has made his own creation his mark on the world.

In Bing`s own words he has called his music a two-way dialogue between myself and the listener. He believes in that connection that he has when he sings, and is always interested, excited and grateful for his listener`s response. People`s interpretations, conclusions, and ideas are actually a gift for Bing, as it is with all writers who wish to know how others experience the world`s they`ve created.

While his guitar work has been compared to that of the incredible Neil Young, his music has drawn reviews that place him in the same sentence as Dylan, Orbison and The Byrds. There is no way possible, in this writer`s mind, that a musician could receive better comparisons anywhere. From the guitar, to the bass, to the piano, to the provocative voice, Bing leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the masterful work that he`s invented for Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow.

Taking on the full and utter responsibility of his CD, Bing left his home in Toronto and headed for the country. There, where he was among the sounds of peace, quiet, and nature - staring at the quiet world that looks as if a master artist has created every limb of every tree, and every bit of color on the flowers that surround the paths that he walked, Bing was able to create and produce a collection of songs that are beyond impressive, and offer words and music that allow the world to enjoy the lyrics and sounds that Bing creates on his album.

The singles come to life by Bing`s intelligence and imagery. From Sweet Talk to `Fall Now`, `Evil Words`, and `My Swan Song`, just to name a few, the album showcases Bing`s many `faces` when it comes to his varied songs. From playful to romantic and fun - to the other side of the spectrum where brutal honesty, self-examination, and redemption live, Bing has created songs that fans want to hear many, many times.

The lyrical imagery is truly stunning on his tracks, and show the immense passion Bing has for his craft. He can be cavalier, charming, extremely funny, and introspective as his songs straddle many genres of music. One of his solid enjoyments is much like a writer who cracks the pages of a brand new cover and breathes in the scent of a newly published untouched book. With Bing, his favorite thing revolves around guitar players. When a brand new set of strings is installed and he strikes that first chord, Bing finds himself in a world of happiness. When he begins to strum the new strings: In those minutes, you can remember when you did the exact same thing as a kid, and there`s a chance to experience the exact same feeling you once had.

The future holds amazing things for this brilliant performer, as his fan-base is destined to grow larger and larger as more and more people find his truly incredible music. In fact, Bing`s release of five new music videos that began on March 3rd is a step that is sure to bring in even more listeners. Every Thursday in March, via Bing`s YouTube Channel, videos arrive. Per Bing`s explanation of his creative process, he says that he often visualizes a scene as he`s writing the lyrics. As far as the videos are concerned Bing says, We`re trying to create little daydreams for each song. I think we`ve succeeded."

The videos were shot utilizing stop motion animation and time-lapse techniques. These imagined vignettes, are compiled of images that allude to a deeper meaning and further emphasize the dream-like quality.

Whether YouTube, iTunes, or Bing`s official website at www.binghamwilloughby.com, this is one truly amazing artist who is impossible to miss.

A poet, a singer, a remarkable writer who opens up his heart and soul and puts his intense feelings on paper, Bingham Willoughby`s amazing voice calls out to listeners and builds his fan base with each and every unforgettable song.



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